Your New Blog Needs to be Made Findable

Your blog doesn’t have a divine right to be found by your target audience. If only it were as simple as that. Instead, you’re going to have to work hard to make your website and its content as findable as it possibly can be. If you’ve never taken steps to do this before, you should focus on search engines. These days, most people who find your website will do so via Google or another search engine. It’s something you can’t ignore, so find out more below.


Know Your Audience and Write For It


You, first of all, need to know your audience inside out. Once you know what your audience wants from you and your blog, you can start providing them with that content. This will make your website more findable because people will be looking for what you’re offering. And that means people will be far more likely to stumble across your blog when making Google searches.


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Work With Specialists


Sometimes, you just need to admit that it’s probably not best for you to go it alone. If you do try to go it alone and sort out these SEO challenges by yourself, you will make your life harder than it needs to be. Working with professional SEO companies, such as Ignite Digital, can lead to far better outcomes. Spending money doesn’t have to be a daunting thing if it’s well-spent.


Build Relationships With Other Blogs and Websites


Organic relationships are really useful when it comes to improving your approach to SEO. Building links is part of this, and it’s so much easier to do if you already have good relationships with other blogs and websites. Encourage them to link back to you. In return, you could link to those sites. It’s much more organic, and it’s mutually beneficial. The Google algorithm will like it a lot too.


Get Your URLs Right


This is one of those basic things that you really need to get right if you want your website to be as easy to find as it possibly can be. When your URLs are not good enough, you will lose out. If you didn’t even realise that URLs matter, it’s time to take action because they definitely do matter. They matter a lot. It should be clear from looking at a page’s URL what it’s all about and what content can be found there.


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Make Use of Google Webmaster Tools


Google Webmaster tools can tell you a lot about your website. Use these tools to find out what your website is doing wrong. These failings could be hampering you and stopping your site from ranking higher on results pages for keywords and phrases you’ve been focusing on. You want all your pages to be indexed by Google, and you want to make sure that your blog is not being penalised by the algorithm for anything.


If you make the most of this advice, you should find that your blog and its content immediately become more findable. That has to be a good thing.