New York: Brooklyn & Washington Heights

I’ve never lived in New York City and I don’t plan on ever living there. Yet it ranks waaaaay up there as my favorite city.


It’s something to do with the pulsing energy. The racial diversity always but always knocks me over in a swooning delight. I can’t get enough of a place in which conservative Jewish kids play alongside African American kids and kids who are actually speaking Chinese, Spanish, other languages. It’s a microcosm of the world, it’s the all of us in a city-shell.

20150817-_DSC6285 20150817-_DSC6276 20150817-_DSC6273 20150817-_DSC6269 20150817-_DSC6260 20150817-_DSC6255 20150817-_DSC6253 20150817-_DSC6242 20150817-_DSC6237I can’t put my finger on it, but I feel like the survival piece is just as strong in NYC as it is on the Lost Coast. There are a million differences, sure, but there are a million similarities too. There is a rawness in both.

In any case, we walked all over the place. An average of 7 miles a day! (thank you, Pacer app). In the photos above, Helena took us walking on the Washington Bridge – so lovely – and below, Belen took us to this wonderful park where kids run around in their swimsuits through spray water.


20150817-_DSC6182 20150817-_DSC6194 20150817-_DSC6185 20150817-_DSC6204 20150817-_DSC6210 20150817-_DSC6177Park schedules were fun to read. Lots going on.

20150817-_DSC6213There was only one day in which Helena had to be at work and I had the kids, solo. It wasn’t really “solo” though, because Helena’s daughter Belen was there and she knows things inside out. 9 years old, and she was like a little mommy with the kids.

They adored her.

20150818-_DSC6294 20150818-_DSC6296 20150818-_DSC6310 20150818-_DSC6313 20150818-_DSC6323 20150818-_DSC6328 20150818-_DSC6348 20150818-_DSC6343 20150818-_DSC6358 20150818-_DSC6362 20150818-_DSC6369 20150818-_DSC6355The park in the photos above is this stretch along by the Brooklyn Bridge – it’s this long series of parks that are each, in and of themselves, worthy of a trip to see. Together, going from one to another (- the spray/water park to the climbing park to the sand park to the art parks to the forest/butterfly park, and so forth), it’s just an awesome mind-glow.

Then we went to the Highline park. I’ve been wanting to visit that since I read the National Geographic piece on it years ago when it first opened.

20150819-_DSC6394 20150819-_DSC6399 20150819-_DSC6405It was pretty crowded, and very manicured. But the vibe was still friendly – and largely art-centered – and there were some stunningly delicious popsicles to be had.

20150819-_DSC6434 20150819-_DSC6411 20150819-_DSC6442 20150819-_DSC6438 20150819-_DSC6448Right behind us as we were taking these photos, a guy was proposing to his lady. She accepted. There were kisses and tears and it was a magical moment.

20150819-_DSC6457 20150819-_DSC6459Thanks, Helena – for the day and for the photos with Micah. I have soooooooooo few of us together.


On the way home:

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  • Just catching up with your NY posts now. Your pictures made me miss the city! I think it’s too hard to live there with three kids but it can be fun, too! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. (By the way, I think you meant Orthodox Jewish kids… conservative Jewish kids don’t normally wear outward symbols.)

    • Yeah, it would be hard to live there with 3 kids.. and EXPENSIVE!
      I think I see what you are saying about the conservative/Orthodox Jews… so the Orthodox will wear the wigs, scarves, long skirts/dresses and side curls but you won’t know who is simply onservative (as opposed to conservatively Orthodox) by the way they dress? That makes sense. I remember taking care of an old lady (years ago) who was a conservative Jew – ate Kosher, observed Sabbath by not doing anything, etc – and you would never have guessed that she was a conservative Jew from her clothes/hair.

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