New York: Oakland

New York made so much sense to me.

I mean, what better place can you imagine to take a vacation to, when you live off the grid in a yurt, have an outhouse, an outdoor shower, your nearest neighbors are in the vicinity of the next mountain away… and in which you actually eat bear and wild boar?


Right, exactly.

And no small piece of that was my friend Helena living there, and really wanting to spend time with her, her husband and get to know her daughter. So New York it was.

_DSC5686 _DSC5693 _DSC5695 _DSC5714Choicest vacation spot, ever.

We drove on down to the Bay Area to take off, and spent time with my good friend, Stefanie and her family.

Her son has been friends with Micah since they were babies.

_DSC5727_DSC5736 _DSC5739 _DSC5748Or at least we think they were friends. Stefanie and I would sort of prop them up and they’d look at one another in that interested way that babies have, but that’s really as much as we know (for a fact). But I like saying they have been friends since they were babies, so is it okay if we stick to that?

_DSC5744 _DSC5731 _DSC5732

Stefanie and I had a total blast at the Mac store.
_DSC5770 _DSC5759 _DSC5766

Moxie did, too.

I can never get enough of that place. In my next life, I want to be a makeup artist!

We also went swimming and got to see Sarah, another good friend, and my Grandpa Jack and my mom. And we got ready-set prepared for NYC

Which would be me, the double stroller, the kids and a couple of hella long flights


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  • I find it hilarious that our boys, while being a few weeks apart in age, live literally a world apart and have pretty different lives – yet every time I see photos of Mack I show them to Atti, because there is something he will respond to – he has suddenly gotten into superheros and I was showing him the photos today because he is loving spiderman too.

    Also, you are so much more gutsy and strong than I can imagine being. I can’t imagine taking three kids on holidays alone across the country. I quick 5 day trip with Atti recently to visit family nearly killed me. Mind you, I doubt I would have been so bothered by the disapproving woman. Strangers I can ignore – because they don’t know the circumstances and you are an idiot stranger if you say something like that. But as I was typing that, I remembered how much my mother being disapproving of my parenting recently bothered me, and how much raving to friends ensued during that couple of days. So, you know, my words, salt, add them.

    Lovely pix, as always!

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