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There, I said it.

He really, really annoys me.

He reminds me of the know-it-all in class who wouldn’t just raise his hand every.single.time with the answer; he’d jump up and shout it out – after he peeked in the answer book.
It annoys me that after he spammed the hell out of the Down syndrome mommy community, he now makes it “okay” to have a child with Down syndrome. Like any of us need his permission. It annoys me that he doesn’t collaborate with the community. He is a constant self-promotion machine. It annoys me that somehow people think this good.
Well, I suppose if someone is being helped by him, then okay. I just think that if I had found him when I was pregnant with Moxie and heard the cloying tones of his virtual pen, I’d have despaired deep in my heart: that being “okay!” with Down syndrome was what was in store.

Oh, yay.

Now smack me already.

What I wanted when I was pregnant is what is out there now in the form of Down syndrome Blogs.
It’s a smorgasboard of blogs, divided by sub-category and containing a live blog roll. Yes, I made it and yes I curate it, but I promise it’s not a self-promotion billboard.

It’s a labor of love to the people like me that are out there and need to find a voice that they can relate to.

So, if you haven’t been, go now. Browse around. Make some friends. Rediscover old ones.
The past Blog Hops are also up, and there are some truly excellent Power Posts linked.

Want your own blog added?


Email me the link, please, as well as the sub-categories you think it fits with (for example, do you also write about adoption? Or your faith? Are you pregnant right now, awaiting your child who will be coming with Down syndrome? etc).

(withalittlemoxie AT
 End rant. Now let’s go out there and enjoy our day.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What bothers me MOST about his website are the repeated spelling and grammar errors!! I know petty but it makes it hard to read his posts.

    1. Bingo! That is why I stopped reading after the first time I visited his blog. I couldn’t take it with all the typos!

  2. Thanks for including me Meriah, I know it’s been a little quiet around One Beautiful Life lateqlqygzop (hu (that was Ella saying hi!). I truly appreciate all your work and initiative

  3. Yeah! And those pictures of Moxie just made my morning. (Before coffee, no less.)

  4. He played the system, and it worked. It pisses me off. He puts considerable amount of time and money into pimping himself, but doesn’t put the same time into having good content. His blog comes across terribly condescending.
    It’s like he’s almost trying to convince himself that Down syndrome is so great. He says it all of the time. Our kids are great. Sometimes Down syndrome is hard. It’s not being authentic to just talk about it like it’s some magical special things. And it doesn’t do any good for our kids if their real needs aren’t understood and met
    Thank you for putting that blogroll together. I’ve linked to it on my blog. I can’t even begin to imagine how long it took you to do.

  5. I think “Noah’s Dad” is in it more for himself then for Noah. Some people really get addicted to internet fame. But I agree with Lexi, I’m more attracted to people who are real and honest. We don’t always have to slap a smile on our faces because sometimes bonding with other parents takes place during our hardest moments.

  6. I agree with you, Meriah! I couldn’t even finish one blog post I read of his last year and I never have gone back. He is very pompous and self-aggrandizing and frankly he is NOT the voice of the Ds community. That voice is coming loud and strong from the many blogs on the Down syndrome blogs on your site. I have found many new ones from there and would much rather read those who are coming from an honest and real place. Thanks!!

  7. DS blogs button is on my blog 🙂 Meriah, can you edit this post to add the button code so more people can add it? I love that the DS blogs site has the most current posts show up. You are amazing. And real.
    Also, my daughter refuses to nap. That has nothing to do with anything, but it’s annoying me right now and I’m sharing, mostly because I was thinking, “How does she do it with THREE?” right when I heard a little voice upstairs saying “hi hi hi!”

  8. You always seem to write what I am thinking!!! He annoys me too. I only ever read a few post from Noah’s dad and I always felt overwhelmed and like I was truly sucking as a parent of a child with DS as I wasn’t doing half the stuff he was writing about.

  9. Meriah– this is an AWESOME compilation of DS blogs! How do you do all you do??????? Thank you for putting this together– I would also like to add a button on my blog. xoxoxox Jen
    ps- I can’t really even start about N.D. I just can’t….

    1. oh, I DON’T do it; you should see all the dishes in the sink… sigh.

  10. I just wanted to say howdy. I’m a new blogger…a daddy…our 10 week old was diagnosed at birth with DS. I have discovered a lot of blogs about parenting, DS, and love how each takes a different tack. Hope y’all come by and check mine out…not much content there yet, but give it time.
    Thanks for all of your blogs…being a new dad of a baby with DS is a bit overwhelming…and all of your stories help me keep grounded and calm.
    Little Birds Dad.

    1. Hey Little Birds Dad!
      Welcome and congratulations on your child!
      If you’d like your blog to be added to the Ds Blogs site, please email me your URL as well as the sub categories you think it best fits under (max: 3).
      Sorry about the need to have a separate email for it – it’s the only way I can promise it will be added, and added in the way you’d like it to be.

      1. Thanks for the welcome!! I sent you the info through a “contact” submission on your WALM blog…hope I did that right. If I did it wrong, my apologies.

  11. I agree. he irks me on many levels. If I thought he was good hearted and doing this for the right reasons, it would be a different story. But I don’t believe he is, nor have any of his actions done anything to convince me otherwise. And I don’t have a kid with DS, nor do I blog (ok, I blog very rarely) so this is coming purely as a reader who has friends who have children with DS (many adopted via Reece’s Rainbow) and an advocate.

  12. I’ll send you an email to get my blog added and also add your button to my sidebar. About the blog in your subject, yes. I agree. I’ve linked it but I can’t ever bring myself to go and read the updates. It does seeem very false in it’s upbeat-horrible-grammar. I guess I linked it before I realized there were a ton of other blogs out there with much better content. In fact, I think his was the second Ds blog I found, so he’s doing a heck of a job of getting out there in the search world.

  13. You said it girl! I have been feeling the same for this guy for a long time but it seemed that he was all over the place including TV and news and all. So I just stopped following him and kind of intentionally unfollowed him. But thanks for writing the post. I don’t know if you’ve ever visited my site but I would be happy to show off a little 🙂
    earlier I was writing at and now I have finally moved on to my own domain i.e
    Have a good day

    1. Hey Deepa!
      I like your blog. Are you actually in India? have you joined the International Alliance of Writers for Down syndrome (on facebook) as well as Down syndrome Blogs?
      xo m

  14. Hey, I know this is an old post, but I simply had to comment. I am hearing impaired, have a daughter with Down syndrome and also am irritated by “Noah’s Dad”…. let’s be friends!!

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