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Miriam responded to my facebook status-whine about my feet growing two whole sizes bigger by saying pregnancy is like a really really rude practical joke. Dirty diapers must be the punch line… Ha! How true.

And I got to wondering… what is God thinking in giving it ALL to us women? Yes, yes, the glow of life in our womb is awesome. But do we REALLY have to have weight gain, stretch marks, hemorrhoids, weird moles, droopy boobs, raging hormones, vision changes, hairiness, carpal tunnel, swelling, and PAIN too? Why can’t we just have a few of them and then our husbands get the rest? I’d call that partnership!

Two whole sizes… no wonder I was a having the devil of a time with Zappos. They are so big now, I’m tempted to just call them boats, have the soles caulked (or whatever it is they do with boats) and calling it a day.

Speaking of boats reminds me of Fiji and that reminds me again of facebook. It is incredibly heart warming to connect with a lot of my friends from school again. See what they are doing, happily oggle pictures of their kids. For people like me that went to far too many schools by the time they were done, moved constantly and had a continuous sense of being uprooted, this type of connection is gold. Makes me feel like I have roots, a solid past. Gives me the fuzzy bunnies inside. There you go, facebook: saving one lost soul after another. be on you, Mark Zuckerberg.

Moving right along on today’s non-sequitur-full post. did you see this week’s Glee? I’m still brushing away the tears. You can catch it on Hulu – and the captions are great.  I love what they are doing with disability on that show. My Ds Mommy Board was saying that they are trying to portray the different sides of Ds – the older version (nursing home, etc) and the younger (full inclusion in school…).

And of course I love that they have badass Sue be the champion.


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