Headed North: A Real-Time Update

Continuing our story in real-time. But first, here are a couple of cute photos of the kids playing in a playground with dance practice going on –

dancing in the playground

This was in Ciudad Constitucion – one of our favorite towns here in Baja (even though it’s not supposed to be).

MacQuinn couldn’t stop dancing along with the girls –


And now! On to the update:

Our income was halved in February.

We have some savings, small investments and (untouchable) money in retirement – but we’re not talking about big chunks of change. Income from work online seems like it is feast/famine – we either have a steady stream that makes a decent income supplement or we don’t make anything at all.

 We could continue…

With half of our income still intact, we could continue traveling the Pan Am. We would need to continue very slowly because if your budget is a firm little one, overland travel works best done sloooooooowly. Gas mileage is much better if you drive slowly, you can find the free places, cook on your own and so forth.

But we could do it. We could just keep traveling very, very slowly – and look for more secure work that is location independent, continue with the freelance work that we do.

The cons in doing this are that finding (and keeping) a secure job is not guaranteed and looking for a job is real work. It’s very difficult to make that happen with limited internet access and while trying to be full time parents and teachers for our 3 kids.

If we already had work, it would be a different story. With something steady already locked in, it would be a simpler matter to simply find a few hours a day or week to complete tasks.

Right when we were trying to figure out what to do, my brother Dana told us he’s bought some land up on the Lost Coast of California, a farm. With a house. Close to the river, close to the ocean, with a swimming hole on the property (I mean, can this get better?!) and offered us enough money to complete the whole Pan Am come September if we go up and farm for him for 6 months.

 Well. Hmm.

Let’s see: live up on the gorgeous Lost Coast for 6 months (in the summer) and walk away with enough money to go the whole Pan Am without working at all?


Travel very slowly through Mexico in the dead of summer (- we’re talking temperatures over 110) with a very slim steady income but with uncertain job security.

 Tough choice, huh.


 We left La Paz on March 19th


We are so grateful for everything – for all the prayers you all have been offering for us, for all the love and good vibes we feel coming our way. We feel like we have to be the luckiest family alive to have this option – to leave a place of joy and incredible beauty to go to another place of joy and incredible beauty to make good money in a short time.

moxie and pugsely

 We will continue the Pan Am

We plan on continuing our trip in September, driving down the other route – down through Arizona, and directly into mainland Mexico.


our poor stereo
our poor stereo

We’ll use the time in California to outfit Myrtle with some new fixin’s , make some repairs on her engine,install an air conditioner and new stereo (- our stereo got stolen in La Paz).

From the Lost Coast, we can also make connections with more disability-related organizations in Mexico and beyond. We have a better idea now of what we are looking for and who we need to talk to.

We are excited for that and also excited for our current adventure.


We are driving north now

We are driving north now, and you know what? We never thought we’d be heading back up, happy and grateful. There you have it. Life changes plans.

the kids eating breakfast in santa rosalia... and watching a school assembly
the kids eating breakfast in santa rosalia… and watching a school assembly

But while life changes plans, Santa Rosalia still has it’s strong women and sweet bread.

macquinn loves the radishes
macquinn loves the radishes

Guerrero Negro still has Mariscos Tony and it’s insanely delicious adobada


…and we are on still on the shimmering road with big dreams and hopes that spin through clouds of lemon drops to somewhere over the rainbow.


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