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Meriah Nichols Oregon-38He looked at me with a frown, shook his head disapprovingly and turned his back.

His overalls formed a “Y”, with “Oregon!” written down the main trunk. Full of chagrin, I winced and mouthed “I’m sorry”, because I knew I was in the wrong. I had sprawled my truck and small cargo trailer across a few parking spots, simply because I thought they were not going to be used, because they were in the shade, and because I was scared of parking myself into another corner that I wouldn’t be able to back the trailer out of.

Oh my.

Little trailers are HARD, man! The little one that Mikey bought and attached to the suburban to help schlep the camping stuff around was supposed to be easy; I’d be able to practice it a bit and have it down.


I was stuck a hell of a lot. Couldn’t figure out how to turn it around or or attach/detach or back it up.

Meriah Nichols Oregon-35But anyway.


Meriah Nichols Oregon-36It’s been a while.

Meriah Nichols Oregon-34I had forgotten how large the speed limit signs are, how few.

Forgot all about the Ducks being their sporty brand (before I remembered, I was thinking the state had some weird obsession with big yellow ducks). Forgot about how Southern Oregon is so conservative, so many big crosses around and pro-life pieces. Forgot about all the antique stores. Forgot about the low gas prices! How could I?!  I also forgot about the fact that they fill your gas for you!

But I did not forget about much I love and miss Bev. Bev, who was Moxie’s teacher, who got her going with horse therapy, who helped us to figure out life on the Lost Coast when it was really hard.

Meriah Nichols Oregon-18Meriah Nichols Oregon-17Meriah Nichols Oregon-16Bev moved to Oregon recently to live with her daughter and grandkids (who were also moving there from California). They’ve gotten a business started and it’s looking oh-so-good. If you are in the Portland area, it’s called “Once Upon a Horse” – you owe it to yourself (and your kids) to check it out.

Meriah Nichols Oregon-19We met our friends Jisun and Leah and their kids there.

Meriah Nichols Oregon-21Meriah Nichols Oregon-24Meriah Nichols Oregon-22Meriah Nichols Oregon-39Picked blackberries

Meriah Nichols Oregon-25Meriah Nichols Oregon-27Checked out Bev’s barn space for pre-schoolers… oh my.

Meriah Nichols Oregon-32Meriah Nichols Oregon-31Meriah Nichols Oregon-30Meriah Nichols Oregon-29It’s a million kinds of awesome.

I mean, the space is in and of itself AWESOME. And it’s awesome to see someone you love (like Bev) doing something that THEY love and want to to do. It’s awesome to see these dreams unfold and magic in the making.

Meriah Nichols Oregon-28We spent a few hours there – I know we’ll be back soon.

And again – if you are in the Portland area, and especially if you have kids/kids with a disability, give Bev a call – Once Upon a Horse.


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