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Mikey and I were crazy about this gown… I don't know why. Maybe it was the "baby Dior" part (!!!!!!!), maybe it was just the length and shape and the little boats all over it. I have no idea. But while we had fancier, lovelier items of babygear, this was without dispute, our fave.


We put it on Moxie last night and had a little stroll down memory lane. It was fun. And then this morning I was looking for old pictures of zee Munchman in it to show you and ended up on this here blog, looking. Since the Great Toshiba Crash of '10, whereupon Meriah lost the family photos by not backing the computer up, I have to rely on what is on the internet. I found this entry, with these photos:



Awwww…. Micah…. little precious man, Micah.


It's so cool, looking back. Sometimes. I have to be honest here and admit that there was a part of me that was bummed, looking at the older blog entries. It's pretty clear that Micah was holding his head up a LOT better than Moxie is, same age, same time.


Yes, it's all relative. They are different kids and according to everyone and everything (from The Book to Moxie's physical therapist and pediatrician), she is hella strong and on the "typical" charts for the whole hog: head control, sitting up, weight gain, you name it. Every part of me is grateful for this. Except one, that tiny little place that stings, because I can see the difference that's there, thanks to one extra chromosome.


Slap, snap. Get over it already. Let's celebrate her for the joy that she IS



I love you, honeybun

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  1. Diana Hudson, MSW says:

    A D O R A B L E ! !

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