one, two, three…

1. Sewing 2. Barefoot Running and 3. Gardening. These are the things on my mind right now, I’ll tell you what (as Hank Hill would say). Sewing, because I have a big bag of homework that I haven’t quite finished and need to (my stunningly creative teacher cut up a bag of quilt-triangles for me to practice on). My lessons are work because sewing involves a lot of things like measuring and straight lines and precision; things I’m not exactly good at. But since I want to be, I’m trying hard. I can almost sew a straight line! YAY!!! 

Barefoot running, because I finally finished “Born to Run“, the book that Suzanne told me was awesome oh, about a year ago. As usual, she was right; that’s up there in one of the best books I’ve ever read – funny, clever, and chock-full of neat-o new nuggets of information. Like that shoes mess with us when we run (– shoes encourage us to run in the wrong way and don’t help our feet to strengthen). Not like I can run right now, mind you. I probably couldn’t run to save my life. But I have lovely fantasies of myself running, wearing those darling fluffy running shorts. Varicose veins be damned. Or zapped. Depending on how much money I have when I actually get to it.

On to the garden!

 Little Man dug (having kids do all the work is great, huh!)

 And Little Miss found her feet on the Jump-a-Roo

this thing is FUN!

 And then Mikey jumped down to help Micah. Because Micah said he had to.

And then Micah said that was enough, he had it. All righty

 Wanna see how the other stuff is doing? Here – have some tomatoes, beans, wildflowers, and assorted succulents and flowers in there now

 …and he’s still digging!

 And now the pond shell goes in! WOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOO!


 Let’s smooth it down


And we are DONE for the day, baby!

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  • Wow, your garden is beautiful! Our back yard is a continual work in progress, but one day we'll actually get something planted there, other than the birdseed garden that grows from the dropped seed on the deck above. Yuck.

    Cute pics – love how "helpful" Micah is!

  • That garden is INTENSE.

    I am curious about Born to Run. I want to read it. I have some friends who are stud barefoot runners, but I tend to be anti- Mostly because I grew up wearing shoes. But from what I've heard about the theory, it's decent. Maybe I should start Ellie running barefoot?

  • How do you find time for sewing, gardening, up dating your blog and taking care of two kids???? I'm lost here and with only one kid!!! LOL!!

  • Carolina, thank you for making me feel like a total rock star! Woo-hoo!
    Katie, that's what happens – you blink and they grow. I'll bet your little man o' light is a whole lot bigger already too.
    Team Lando – I'd love for Ellie and Moxie to run together someday – yes, barefoot!
    I know, Becca, Micah is beyond "helpful". Couldn't do much without that fellow… 🙂

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