Tutorial on 'Over': the Best App Out There for Text & Art on Photos!

So today I thought we’d go over ‘Over’, because this app is simply the very best for adding text to your photos. Not the best for watermarking (- that was last week’s iWatermark), but the best for text – like adding quotes or poems, or even working with font like art.


It’s spectacular, and in my opinion, it’s one of the top 5 apps you could possibly be using right now.

Okay, let’s get started!

First of all, head on over to the app store, find it


Download it! Enjoy looking at it on your phone screen. Cute little yellow circled-icon-thing


Admiration time over, open it on up!


Pretty, pretty, pretty. So many fonts! Okay, so now tap the yellow circle twice to full open the app!


When it opens for the first time, I think it asks you for permission to access your photos. Go ahead and say yes. After that, you’ll see something like this (- not exactly, because I doubt your phone is full of photos of my baby..)  – you’ll see “Take Photo” and “Albums”; where you get to choose between using the app camera to take a photo to use, or to take a photo from your camera roll.

I always pick “Albums”. I’ll do that here.


It opens up all of my phone photo albums. I choose “Camera Roll” – that’s where I stash it all!


So many photos. I just can’t stop myself! I think I take about 100 a day – how about you?


Okay, so I selected a photo on my roll that I had already prepped. I had watermarked and square-cropped using the tutorial from last week!

After selecting the photo, Over gives me 2 choices: Add Text or Add Artwork. I’ll choose Add Text now


The keyboard pops up. I add the text that I want on the photo. Just add the text, all care-free like – the fonts, sizes, placement and all that good stuff comes later. For now, just text!


There! It’s all added. I think I want to change almost everything about it. Size, placement and of course, the font.

So I tap that yellow arrow on the right side. See it? It’s all “HERE I AM! The LITTLE YELLOW ARROW!”

See it?

All right! So tap it



The dial is really super important so I want to break it all down for you before we go any further, okay? That is, talk a little about each of the options you have on the dial roll.

The dial, broken down:


To select what you want to work with. A photo from one of your albums from your camera roll or would you like to take a photo and use that? Your choice!


Size: Text/art size

Opacity: For textual/art opacity – you can make the text brighter/darker without affecting the photo

Crop: For cropping your photo. This will get them into the Instagram square-format

Tint: Makes your photos darker/lighter

Direction arrows: this moves the text/art. It actually feels easier to just swipe the text/art with your finger than mess with the arrows



This is the grand-mac-daddy of all app font systems. This is IT, baby!

I paid the .99 or whatever it was for the full version: WORTH IT. This app is AMAZING and it keeps getting better. They add new font and art every week.

Even if you stick to the free versions, it won’t disappoint. Check it out.


Just hit this to save your photo to your camera roll


Just stuff like follow Over on IG, Help, Feedback, etc.


Gives you 6 options for social network sharing. I don’t use any of them; I only save to my camera roll and go from there, so I can’t tell you much about this one.


Did you mess up? Or want to start all over? This is the button for you!


Back to our tutorial!

So remember, we were on the photo of Moxie running down the street and I had added text but I wanted to change pretty everything about it, right?

IMG_8032So I opened up the dial and selected “Font”


Like I said, this is the grand-mac-daddy of all font apps. This baby has it ALL!


I scroll on down and select one that I want for this. BIG BONUS for this app? You can preview it all before selecting.


I like it, and tap at the yellow arrow on the right side again, select “Edit“, then “size”. I make it all smaller.


That’s better. I wanted to add Ralph Waldo Emerson (- whom I quoted there) separately, so I’ll add his name now by going back to the dial, selecting “Add”, then “Add Text”


Hey Ralph!

Just like in the very beginning, don’t worry about anything except adding font. Ralph’s name is all big but that’s a-okay.

We go back to the dial, to “Edit”


Hit “size” and make it in line with the other size.


Then just change the font to something a little snazzier and maybe dim it a little? It seems a lot brighter than the other fonts, doesn’t it?


Okay, toned down the opacity, and dragged with my finger to where I wanted.



Roll through to “Save


Yes… I like that. Don’t you?


Saved on to the camera roll!

But that’s not all I wanted to do today. I wanted to work on some more photos, so I am going to need to reset my frame.


Hit “Reset

Then you’ll need to go through the “Take Photo” or “Album” options – I choose “Album” and select the photo that I want to work with.



This time instead of “Add Text“, I’ll choose “Add Artwork


All the art comes up for you to select! You just move through it and choose!

Let’s be Adventurers!


Create Adventures for Yourself!

All of those are ready-made and you just choose them. Some of the artwork costs money for the set (- it’s all around $1). There are some great free ones too, so be sure to check it out!


…and “SAVE”!




So that’s it!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful. If you have any questions, just holla! (I like saying “holla”; makes me feel like my abs are tighter and my lips redder and my hair, blonder… kinda like Gwen Stefani, I guess?)


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