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Disability is a Big Word. Let’s Unpack & Understand It Together

Unpacking Disability

Unpacking Disability brings together disability resources, community, media, opinions, wellness and career pieces. We do that through articles, interviews, our podcast, videos and use of social media.

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Featured In

meriah nichols featured on parents, huffington post, outdoor families, deaf life, forbes,, mama lode. brain child and more

Latest Post

Opportunities & Obstacles: Representations of Disability in Film and Media

Reflection and video from the Roundtable Discussion at Center for Disability Studies’ Pac Rim Conference

Latest Opinions

The Gift of a Moment: Understanding Difficult Times and Choices

This is an opinion post about recognizing and leaning into moments that can transform us, specifically, moments related to disability acceptance. If you want to hear me reading this, just click the link below. Play in new window | Download When I first started my job at UC Berkeley, coordinating a program in conjunction [...]

Latest in Resources

Sex Education Resources that Target Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

A guide to sex education resources that target people with intellectual and developmental disabilities – for self advocates, parents and educators

Latest Movie Review

Billie Eilish In Sharp Focus: The World’s A Little Blurry

This is a review of the documentary on Billie Eilish, "The World's a Little Blurry." This review will talk about every aspect of this documentary, it's all spoilers! If you want to hear it read, click the link below. Play in new window | Download The World's a Little Blurry... Billie Eilish is the [...]

Parenting & Disability

disabled moms interview project

Raising Strong Kids with Disabilities

This is about parenting: parenting when we’ve got a disability, AND parenting kids with disabilities. The focus is more on the “how to raise proud, strong, confident people with disabilities,” and using our experiences as parents who have disabilities as a guide map.

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