Parenting and Advocacy

Parenting & Advocacy

This was a fun page to title, because I’m a parent who has disabilities, I parent children with (and without) disabilities, and along with both regular parenting with a disability and parenting a child with a disability comes advocacy.

I’ve divided those up so it’s easier to connect with information you might want.

Parenting and Down syndrome

My daughter has Down syndrome and I have written a lot about my experience raising her and opinions about pretty much everything related to Down syndrome (including Sex and Down syndrome).

I’ve also collected resources and compiled lists (- like Businesses with a Connection to Down Syndrome, Best Books for a Parent of a Child with Down Syndrome, long lists of Facebook groups related to Down syndrome, and so forth).


Disabled Parenting - Parenting with Disabilities

I am deaf, I have TBI ( Traumatic Brain Injury) and C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I’m also a single mom.

Parenting in and of itself is often not exactly a walk in the park. Adding the layers of disability, along with all of the discrimination and lack of support that most of us face and you have quite a concoction.

I’ve started a Disabled Moms Project where we share stories  about being a mom across the disability spectrum. I also write a lot about parenting in general, and I’m trying to be more open about parenting with a disability in particular.