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I’m trying something new right here, right now. I’ve uploaded a plugin directly into Adobe LightRoom and it’s posting this whole blog post from there! If it works… woooooo-eeeeeeee!!! *fingers crossed* That will make posting photos a breeze while we are on the road.

Okay, so this week.

A neighbor stopped by and said, “hey! big 300 or 400 lb bear has been seen around, destroying orchards and such. You might want to pick your apples early to save your trees!”

– so we’ve been picking all the apples.

What else. Yes, I have discovered that MacQuinn is something of a remote control and battery hoarder. He likes to take any of either he finds and HIDES them in his own secret hidey-places. When asked, he’ll nod briskly and walk straight over and hand them to you – but it’s endearingly odd to see this little kid with his stash.

News with Moxie: she has discovered “Handwriting Without Tears” on Micah’s iPad and she hides with it and practices like she’s eating candy in a closet. Go up to her and ask, “Hey Moxie! What’cha doin’?” and she’ll whip it behind her back and shake her head and shrug, all, “nuthin”. Handwriting Without Tears. I’d like to note that AS I TYPE THIS, she is “hiding” behind the island and practicing it.


The weather is changing over here – is it changing where you are, too? It’s getting crisp and cold, like when your pillow feels when you flip it over. Delicious. The leaves are starting to fall, the days are getting shorter.

And… the chickens are laying something fierce. Eggs here, eggs there, eggs here and there and everywhere. It’s pretty awesome. Mostly because they are super sweet chickens and we like eggs.

Here they are.

Hope you are having a good one.
this week (19 of 23)

this week (20 of 23)

this week (21 of 23)

this week (18 of 23)

this week (16 of 23)

this week (17 of 23)

this week (10 of 23)

this week (11 of 23)

this week (12 of 23)

this week (8 of 23)

this week (9 of 23)

– this is my nephew – we call him the “chicken whisperer”

this week (2 of 23)

what we do for fun around here

this week (7 of 23)

this egg is a double yolker, by the way – two yolks in one egg! TWINS

this week (3 of 23)

this week (4 of 23)

this week (6 of 23)

this week (5 of 23)



Mac just came up to me with an ENORMOUS jar of beans and asked for help in opening it. I am speechless.


The plugin exported the images but in a funky size and things are wonky. Looks promising, but it’s not ironed yet with me.

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