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I love my Patrons

My patrons are contributing every month, from $1 on, towards this site, helping to fuel this ship.

In addition to my content, I want to give my Patrons some peaches every month, as a way of saying ‘thank you.’ Not literal peaches (because that would be tricky!), but something fun and maybe useful.

The new rewards on Patreon, the site that supports content creators (like me) are up and running! Of course, being a Trekkie-nerd, all the rewards are Star-Trek-esque ⇐♥


$1 or more a month: The “Communicator” Level

Patrons who contribute $1 or more a month to this site can:

  • Join my Patron Community.
  • Automatically be entered for my monthly Swag Bag. That is, I’ll be sending out a swag bag, full of the giveaways from my blog. I’ll do a random drawing and once a month, one of my Patrons will be sent a swag bag. Sweet!

$3 or more a month: The “ComBadge” Level

Everyone who contributes $3 or more a month will receive everything the Communicator Level receives, PLUS:

  • Early access to my work

$5 or more a month: The “PADD” Level

Everything the previous levels receive PLUS:

  • Photo of the Month mailed to you

$10 or more a month: The “Transporter” Level

Everything the previous levels receive PLUS:

  • A t-shirt from my shop once a year

$25 or more a month: The “Shuttlecraft” Level

Everything the previous levels receive PLUS:

  • One photo of your choice every 6 months available for download from Meriah Snaps.

$100 or more a month: The “Enterprise” Level

Everything the previous levels receive PLUS:

  • I’ll write a post for you. For real. This is actually a fantastic deal.

Bonuses for This Month:

The Swag Bag!

The “Swag Bag” is a small collection of items that I send out to one lucky Patron  (chosen by random drawing) a month.

Anyone (Communicator-Level – $1/month) and up is eligible for the drawing). The Swag Bag that I’m sending out for September contains in it:

A Plant Nite

Plant Nite
Plant Nite: Like Paint Nite, but with plants! Meet with your friends in a bar/restaurant and create a terrarium while having fun. Click on the image for more information about it

El Deafo: A Graphic Novel

El Deafo - a graphic novel
El Deafo: a funny, poignant graphic novel memoir about hearing aids & growing up

and everyone Padd-Level ($5/month or more) is getting:

a photo of Mack and Moxie, bolding looking out into their future

a photo of Dana and I, happily laughing

plus a letter from me

In this day and age, hand-written letters are becoming really rare, aren’t they? I still love receiving them in the mail, and so I want to send my patrons one. It feels more connected than an email or a text; it’s literally something that my hand touched and carved out and sent to you.



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