Poison Oak

You know those close up looks at open, oozing wounds that people take and post on Facebook? The pictures of their rashes or their kid’s diseases that are virulent, raw, and jump pretty horrifically out of your feed at you? Yeah, well, I hate that crap. That’s right up there on my list of pet peeves in social media.

So I won’t be posting pictures of my poison oak, because let me tell you: this is oozing, blistering, nasty, bumpy, red and horrible looking. It would jump out of your feed something fierce and you’d likely have some nightmares over it.

But I *will* show you the plant that caused it:

lost coast first week back-0311

So pretty. So innocuous looking. So much pain held within those tender green leaves.

It has spread ALL OVER my left arm – I’m talking, from my armpit (of all places) down to my wrist, in splotches. And the left bottom of my back. And my right is itchy too. Bumps on my belly. There are bumps that I can resist scratching all through the day that I apparently scratch in my sleep and make this show go on. And on. And on.

bar of fels naptha soap

This helps a lot.

If I had washed myself in this soap immediately after exposure to poison oak (- which, living where we do, means just using it daily), I would have caught it in it’s tracks. As it was, I didn’t know, it grew. It’s just misery.

What helps the most strangely enough, is taking hot showers. Our shower water comes straight from the springs on our property and the water is heated by our little propane heater. The water gets HELLA hot, but it’s outside and it’s cool outside, so the contrast is really wonderful. Now, with poision oak, the hot water evidently heats up the resins in my skin – I can actually feel them bubbling around – then they get stimulated so it’s almost unbearable. It’s like that feeling that you have when you want to sneeze – know what I’m talking about? – and you can’t. By tenfold. And under your skin. It’s total agony, then it goes away, and the itching goes away with it, for a few hours.

I’m waiting for the calamine lotion and aloe vera gel. They are supposed to help. The baking soda didn’t. It felt nice and cool and I wanted to scratch it. I didn’t try the vinegar/water.

On the bright side of my body, my broken foot is SO MUCH BETTER. I can walk with hardly a limp and only twinges of pain. Yesterday I actually noticed that it had been a few hours since I had felt my foot at all! This is exciting. Cue dreams of marathon running.

Other stuff from our corner of the world:

super hero training camp may 2015 (103 of 130)

Super Hero Training Camp.

super hero training camp may 2015 (67 of 130) super hero training camp may 2015 (66 of 130) super hero training camp may 2015 (69 of 130) super hero training camp may 2015 (63 of 130)


Uh huh, really! The Best School Ever hits another home run

super hero training camp may 2015 (68 of 130)

Other news: the roses are doing great, the chickens are getting lots of worms, Mack is happy with life in general and with accessories in particular, and cows are just too frickin’ cool.

super hero training camp may 2015 (2 of 2) Meriah Nichols -6 Meriah Nichols -1-2 Meriah Nichols -2 Meriah Nichols -4 Meriah Nichols -5 Meriah Nichols -3 Meriah Nichols -1

Over and out.



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  • Ice. Ice is the best anesthetic. Make up bunches of sloshy ice/alcohol packs out of zip lock bags and rotate them around throughout the day. The urachill oil on the leaves has transferred to clothing, or it is not all off your skin yet, you can still get more oil transferred in new places! My cat slid up beside me, as cats will do. She rubbed her body and TAIL on my leg. I had no idea how in the heck I had gotten poison ivy! Doc showed me the spot on my leg that was clearly the tail. You could see it. I was in such misery I went in and they gave me steroids to dry it up. Here in the South many people get it putting down pinestraw as a garden feature. Pine straw is a lovely home for poison ivy/oak and a whole lot of people get it by working in their yard! You are going to laugh at this, but I recently did some “research” on anti itch salves. Hydrocortisone cream doesn’t work as well as Vagisil, that pretty much any store that has Tampons, will have Vagisil. I took Advil before bed to kill the itch a bit. It stops headaches, right? So it also relieves some tiny bit of those nerve cells from jangling. Then I applied copious amounts of Vagisil. Ice is your friend. In a week, the misery will finally abate. Good luck.

  • So sorry you are in pain. Scratching can spread it. Get out the mittens especially when you try to sleep. Nyquil or benadryl can help you sleep – benadryl also helps w/ itch. And try to focus on something else. Feel better! Barbara

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