Power Posts

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Power Posts

These were posts that I wrote with a million things weighing on me.

They were born of fear or frustration. Or anger. Posts that question the where, how and why of things we do.

Many of these echo things you have also felt, which is why we became friends. Or, if you haven’t read them yet, why we will become friends.

“Why Bother?” She Asked

Why bother with anything when it’s all going to die anyway?

Why I’m Glad the Doctor Told Me to Abort My Baby with Down Syndrome

In 2009, I went to the hospital for a 14-week scan of ... Read more

The Impact of Disability on Siblings : The Story of Dana and Meriah

Here is the story of growing up with my brother Dana, first … Read more

Let Down Syndrome Define You: A Letter to My Daughter

Moxie, let Down syndrome define you: move forward and be who you are because of who you are. See Down syndrome as a fundamental part of your identity, and claim it as the powerful piece that is a part of your human experience.

Tell Me Why


Why Frida Kahlo Remains Relevant

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Disability: Connections, Comforts & Judy Heumann

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I Never Knew I Wanted a Child with Down syndrome Until I Had One

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Choosing Moxie: A Birth Story About Disability and Bravery

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The Influence of Disability Within My World

Although I’ve had a disability since I was 4 years old (that … Read more