Preparing For A Safe Kids Party

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If your children are excited at the prospect of having a birthday party, or a themed party, this is where the hard work begins for you! Whether you are setting up a Star Wars party for teenagers, or a Peppa Pig party for toddlers and babies the overriding thoughts need to be two-fold, fun and safety. What are the best ways for a party to be fun, but also safe?

Food Preparation

When it comes to safety concerns, food allergies are fast becoming one of the primary worries. Nowadays, there are more food allergies than ever before, but in a kid’s party, the very real threat of food poisoning can derail the fun. The best way to get both of these in check is to ask the parents well in advance if there are any specific dietary requirements or food allergies. One of the most common food allergies now is a peanut allergy, and so, while it may be a lot of extra work, you may benefit more from preparing the food yourself. Because so many party foods have nuts or gluten as added ingredients, you may very easily overlook this when you are running around getting everything together.

Preparing Your Home For The Onslaught

Are you going to have the party outdoors or in the house? If you’re going to have the party in the confines of your own home, you need to establish what safety precautions you need to make in your own home environment. There are various childproofing safety tips online to look at, but it depends, firstly, on the space you have, if it’s a small house, then you have to be prepared for the eventuality of children running around everywhere. If necessary, it’s best to have part of the house that is off limits, even for the benefit of the parents, so they can have a break from the household traffic.

Entertainment Concerns

When it comes to picking the entertainment, you may want to go down the child entertainer route, and there are so many options, from magicians to clowns, or the standard all round entertainers. While there are so many options, there’s always cause for concern when you are letting an entertainer into your home. There are agencies that provide entertainers for parties, and it’s always best to go with a reputable agency, or if you have any concerns yourself, you should always check that the entertainer has had a sufficient background check. In addition to this, you are always best off getting a feel for the entertainer themselves, such as their demeanor, and their overall style of entertainment. For example, if you are hosting a party with 4-year-olds, would a clown be the best plan of action? Some children may feel very upset, and likewise, if you have an entertainer who is pretty full on, this could also upset a lot of the children. But, it is always best to have some common sense when it comes to this.

“Are You Going To Get A Bouncy Castle?!”

When it comes to safety concerns, a bouncy castle is one of the things that can be a roaring success at a kid’s birthday party, but it can also cause a lot of stress. Because they are pretty cheap to rent, it is fast becoming the go-to option. But, this is one of the quickest ways a child can get injured. The best plan of action is to hire a company that is recommended by others and ask to see their safety certificates. In addition to this, you may want to exercise some due diligence and limit the number of kids on the bouncy castle at any one time, and keep a close eye on the weather should a strong gust cause injuries. In addition to this, making sure that food or drink is kept far away will reduce slips and falls.

In addition to these concerns, hygiene needs to be one of the biggest priorities. You want your children to enjoy themselves; something like food poisoning can easily put a dampener on the day, which is why you should exercise some basic concepts. Nowadays, planning a party is more stressed than it used to be. Every parent has their own unique concerns, and this is why every party needs to be planned to the letter. Food, equipment, and overall safety concerns need to form as part of the comprehensive plan you need to have in place. And while you may feel like a killjoy, remember, with the other parents in attendance, it’s not your responsibility to look after every child. Have a bit of common sense, and the party will go off without a hitch.