Rainbow Farts

 My first picture with my phone!!

I had to share that first because – holy cow – 2 weeks without a camera of ANY kind….!!

small child - Moxie - channeling her inner Judith Scott by playing stacking and arranging bits of coloured playdough in designs
small child – Moxie – channeling her inner Judith Scott by playing stacking and arranging bits of coloured playdough in designs

Rainbow Sparkle Farts

You know how you have all those layers in rainbow cakes, one upon another and it is layered with frosting and then something on the very, very top?

These past couple of weeks have been so much like that. It’s like alternating good with bad, layering on the colours.

The bad – all of our stuff got stolen

The good – you guys chipped in and bought me a camera and a computer and I’m set up – and also validated in a way that I needed. It was scary putting myself out there with the GoFundMe, because I made it pretty clear that I lost the wherewithal to blog and I needed my tools. And instead of saying something like, “thank GOD! ‘Bout time you stopped, we are so sick of you”, you guys said, “here – take this, get the tools and keep going, yo!” (I think I added the “yo”).

The good – I figured out the root of the problem with insurance and not only did we get insurance but I personally am HOOKED UP with the phone. I mean, HOOKED. I have voice relay now (- with a transliteration and ASL interpreter), I have a neckloop and my CapTel captioned phone is coming. And the CapTel app.

The good – I discovered cool products like LoJack that will remotely find your device and wipe out the hard drive. Both are handy, especially if you, like me, have your tax returns on a laptop that was stolen.

The bad – my right hearing aid broke

I speak really clearly and I am a ninja lip reader. I keep saying this but no one believes how deaf I really am and how lost I am without my hearing aids. Lip reading is a focused skill – gotta go one-on-one, one-by-one. For any kind of background sounds, side sounds, etc, I rely a lot on my hearing aids.

The good – I was trying to find someone to fix it and while I was doing so, I stumbled across a WATERPROOF hearing aid!

The good – I found an audiologist that my insurance covers (and yeah, I DO have insurance for this) and the stars totally lined up. I’m eligible for a hearing aid and they will cover a big chunk of waterproof ones!

The good – My original Phonak can be fixed by Kaiser – the hospital entity that fitted me with them.

The bad – I have to wait a month for both the WATERPROOF hearing aids to come in and for an  appointment to fix my old one.

The good – it gives me really focused time to practice ASL. Much easier to use ASL with my family when I actually can’t hear anything!

The bad – our solar power on the Lost Coast is not finished

We are moving from a split energy system of partial solar power and partial generator to FULL solar. It’s a really big (expensive) system and they are not done with the wiring yet.

The good – more time to visit with old friends in the Bay Area.

Bay Area -0070-4
lovely woman with deep dimples smiles from the right in her HANDMADE awesome polka dot sleeveless dress; I am on the left, smiling and trying to figure out how to take selfies again from the best possible (-no double chin) angle and trying not to show it
Bay Area -0068-5
Moxie and her tribe for a photo shoot – and Jisun’s son came strolling in and made himself comfortable!! TOO CUTE. Photo description: 4 young children of Asian descent play by the sand. Three are wearing blue and one is wearing yellow. (and no, we did not plan that AT ALL)


attractive Asian couple with beautiful young daughter, white woman (= me) with remarkably natural teeth smiles from the left
attractive Asian couple with beautiful young daughter, white woman (= me) with remarkably natural teeth smiles from the left

Rainbow Farts

You see what I’m saying, right? It’s all layered.

It’s easier for me to see events now as coloured and less like good/bad, when it is so clear that great good comes out of supposed bad. If my hearing aid hadn’t broken, how would I have known about WATERPROOF hearing aids??!! If all of our stuff hadn’t gotten stolen, how would I have had the chance to figure out the telephone pieces that I have in place now??

unicorn poopSo these are sparkle farts, unicorn poop – they come and look like crap, but then it turns out they are actually rainbows.


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  • So glad it all worked out! I’ve had rubber sleeves for my hearing aids but I had no idea they made waterproof ones. I learned something new! (As the daughter of an audiologist, I don’t get the opportunity often…) Enjoy your new equipment in good health.

    • thank you!! I have to wait a month for it all, but I”m looking forward to it.
      These are called Aquaris – by Siemens. I am not sure if any other company is actually making them waterproof – Phonak has water resistant ones, but not waterproof.

      Rubber sleeves are great. I always laughed, thinking they looked like condoms for hearing aids *smile*

    • practice. practice. practice. SOmething like 30 years of watching people’s mouths to figure out what they are saying. So of course that also means 30 years of people thinking I’m obsessed with them or their mouths….!!!

      • Ha. I guess for you it was out of necessity. I can hear well enough not to need to but it seems like a useful skill.

  • I love how you never give up & love your sense of humor, too 🙂 I keep chuckling at the juice box photo bomb in the first picture! Kids are so awesome! Glad you are back. I so enjoy your posts

  • Glad that things are looking up.

    I thought I recognized the Kimchi Latke son in the photo with Moxie! I know it’s ridiculous, but I feel like I know you both from your blogs and that somehow Theo and I missed out on a cool playdate. 🙂

    • I’d LOVE to meet you guys – it would be awesome to actually have that cool playdate sometime. Jisun and I were talking about having an onsen trip of Korea – how about you guys meet us there?!! tanoshiii!!!!

      • Korean onsen-ing sounds fantastic! Theo might vote for Malaysia instead. He’s really into Upin Ipin for whatever reason (with no interest in watching the English dubbed version). I guess he’s a Southeast Asian kind of guy. My sister lives in the Bay Area, so a Northern California playdate could actually happen. From where I sit, the Bay Area and Korea are equally exciting. Enjoy the full solar yurt when it’s ready. Otsukaresama desu!

  • So happy for you and your family that despite the challenges so much good, practical and resourceful things have come out of this experience. You certainly have made lemonade with the lemons thrown at you guys 🙂 Keep at it – you truly are inspiring!
    Endless blessings,

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