What To Do On a Rainy Winter Weekend?

The months between Christmas and spring are never the most exciting. We’re all spent out, it’s freezing cold outside and the days are short and dark. It’s important to make the most of all of the time we have with our family- particularly when our children are little as they don’t stay that way for long. But when it’s raining outside, and the sunlight fades at 5 pm it can leave you wondering what exactly you can do to keep them entertained. Here are a few ideas.


Go to an Indoor Attraction

An indoor attraction could be anything from a gallery to a museum, even an indoor water park. That way if the storm clouds loom overhead you have something fun to do with your weekend. Be a tourist in your own city, Google local attractions and see if you can find any fun indoor places to go to. Alternatively, you could take your child to a fun activity that they might enjoy, lots of libraries for example run events for children. From reading and storytelling to crafts, computing lessons and more. It’s always worth checking what’s on near you.


Indulge in Electronics

As a parent, chances are you try to keep your children’s electronics usage to a minimum. In a world where we are all obsessed with our screens, it’s more important than ever to arrange activities that don’t involve this. However it doesn’t mean a total ban on them, and when it’s rainy outside and there’s not much to do, the tv and gaming can be a good way to keep the boredom at bay. You could bring down your blankets and duvets, make a fort or a cosy nest on the sofa and watch some movies together. Apps can be a fun way to distract kids too, Whether it’s Angry Birds or Final Fantasy 15, if you have a tablet it can be a great way to occupy them for a while. Alternatively, you could set up a fun console game, systems like the Nintendo Wii have tonnes of family-friendly options. As a added bonus, the Wii Fit games will get them up and moving too which is perfect for burning off energy!


Get Crafty

Baking is a useful skill for kids to learn, and teaches them a lot. First of all, it shows them that if they are careful and precise by following a recipe exactly, their project will work every time. It teaches patience, precision and when it comes to decorating, creativity! Once you’ve finished baking, you get to eat the fruits of your labour too which is always a bonus. Sites like Pinterest are full of ideas, and if you don’t fancy playing with flour, sugar, eggs and butter there are lots of other craft projects you could do. Drawing and painting, making creations from modelling clay, sewing, knitting- the list is endless.

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What are your go-to activities when then weather is dreary, but you want to spend fun family time together?