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First some cute photos of the kids!

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I’m all over the place right now. Discombobulated, scattered and there are so many things I want to talk about – the training center! My new service dog! The way Moxie puffs out her cheeks to blow bubbles and the way that Mac-Q runs after them

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Micah is an amazing big brother – all of his natural virtues of being cautious, analytical and sensitive – as well as his being the Leader type – serve him and his siblings so well.

They are lucky to have him.

He is lucky to have them.

We’re all just plain ole’ lucky, aren’t we?!

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The training center was as magical as a training center can get. I mean, WOW.

It was 100% accessible and I haven’t actually ever stayed at a place that was 100% accessible before. The TV’s all turned on with the closed captioning! The doors had lights on them, the alarm clocks vibrated and it was kind of heavenly to just have everything so…. easy.

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I don’t realize how much I struggle until I don’t have to and it’s this enormous relief to just be able to RELAX. From the hearing end, I was able to do that at the training center, but from the kid-watching end, it was CONSTANT, non-stop and absolutely exhausting.

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I literally could not have done it without my mom watching the kids while I was training, and I also could not have done it had the training center itself not been so mind-blowingly hospitable, accomodating and generous. They had a library completely tricked out with things kids like and let our hooligans do their hooliganing there.

I wanted to take photos of all the pieces that were so fabulous to be about the place: the access, the lights, the library, the wheelchair accessible stoves – how everything was built with the concept of Universal Design in mind and that makes me happy on an almost primal level.

But I didn’t.

Because I was just too tired everyday.

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I am so glad I did this.

I’m so glad we all did this.

meriah nichols_-2

So glad we have Kiana now.


I have a million more things to say but it’s 7:38 what do you know? The kids are up and things need to happen. You know how it is. Mad life is happening and you wonder what possessed you to have children?!

meriah nichols_

Oh right.

That’s why!


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