Are You Really Aware Of What Not To Expect When Having A Baby?

We can all be too familiar with what we should expect when we plan or indeed are pregnant with a baby. We know that the journey to starting a family can be very varied for some. People can struggle with fertility issues, they can find it difficult to conceive and even suffered from baby loss and miscarriage. It’s not an easy journey, no matter how plain sailing you think it has been. Getting that positive pregnancy test can be extremely exciting, and you become a whirlwind of emotions about what the future is going to hold.


For some, the research begins there and then, as you want to know every aspect of your pregnancy to ensure things are going as they should be. Reading the books on what to expect can help you feel more comfortable with the amazing things that are happening with your body right now. Some may be guilty of not reading or researching anything beyond the baby, but everyone can feel a little overwhelmed when they have a child to care for. However, there are things that can happen during pregnancy and labour that we don’t expect, but could very much be your reality. I wanted to share with you some of the things that could happen, hopefully enabling you to be better prepared, just in case.

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Your sense of smell increases dramatically


Did you know that your sense of smell increases dramatically when you are pregnant. It is crazy to think that something so natural to us, can all of a sudden be magnified. The best way to describe it would be when you use a magnifying glass to look at something. However, this can also be quite alarming and off putting and can even trigger other pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness. The sense of smell can either be nice or can make you more aware of more unpleasant smells. So it is best to just go with the flow and take care of yourself if you find yourself struggling with it.


Feeling uncomfortable with constipation of all things


The joys of pregnancy. You read all about the glow, the great growth with your hair and nails, and you probably imagine that you look amazing. For some, that is the case, for others, they find pregnancy difficult and one of the things women don’t really discuss about pregnancy is the possibility of struggling with constipation. Along with other aspects of pregnancy like heartburn or feeling fuller because of the extra little baby in your belly, constipation can be rather annoying and frustrating. If you find yourself struggling speak with your midwife or doctor.



That the birth plan shouldn’t always be set in stone


Going through all of the appointments, there comes a time where you have to discuss the birth plan, and this is something many pregnant ladies take a great deal of time considering. You may be looking at your options, pain relief, etc, but what no one really tells you is that you have to remember that this birth plan is not set and stone, and because of yours and your babies health, other things may need to happen. Which brings me onto to my next point.


Sometimes things don’t go to plan during labour


Things don’t always go to plan during labour. You may have written in your birth plan that you want a serene, no pain relief water birth, and what you may end up with is an emergency c-section. These things happen, and it is always a good idea to explore every possible outcome to better prepare yourself. You may also need to consider that things may not go to plan but know that you can discuss your story and get a birth injury attorney on your side if you feel you have been wrongly dealt with. While often, things can go to plan, just be mindful that whatever happens will be in the best interests of you and your baby.


The post baby belly


The post baby belly is definitely one thing that many women do not expect when they have had a baby. Some women would believe that their stomachs will shrink back to a normal size once a baby has been born, however for a few days after, you can still look as if you are pregnant and that can be quite alarming. However, it is all perfectly natural and the thing to remember is that everyone gets back to some form of normality in their own time.


With other things like problematic skin and the chance of wetting yourself at a moments notice, it is fair to say that pregnancy can be a little up and down. But, once your baby is born it is soon all forgotten. Perhaps this is why so many people don’t really discuss what not to expect.