A Reason for a Holiday Card

I’m not a holiday card person. Oh sure, I love receiving them! But having been brought up Baha’i and without the the tradition of sending cards, I never got into the habit of making them.

Sometimes I try. Like that time I sent everyone at work one of those cards that come from a box with a million of the same, $9.99 from Longs.

But most of the time I just don’t.

I am going to try this year though, because I’m really inspired by what the Down syndrome Diagnosis Network is doing. Which is, they are trying to encourage us who have kids with Down syndrome (- or other disabilities) to send a card to the medical professionals we interacted with, or have had interaction with.


The reason for this is that medical professionals typically only see families who have a connection with disability in a crisis situation. Crisis being a diagnosis, an illness, a hospitalization, therapy even at times. These same professionals don’t often get a chance to actually see that our lives are anything less than devastating.

Sending a card with an image of your child and an update of what she is doing (riding a bike, loves to read books, talking a mile a minute, going to school etc) helps medical professionals see that your lives are full of joy and that you are proud parents. The idea is to alleviate that medical bias towards a life with disability being a “bad thing”

Very cool.

So, which photo should I use?

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Amy Allison of the Down syndrome Guild of Kansas said that they had a holiday party last year in which they encouraged attendees to write cards with updates to the medical professionals they work with – it’s a great way to get everyone going with getting the word out.

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