9 Reasons to Move to Portland

Portland is the sweetest little city that I adore right now.

It makes me wish I could live in a city and after having spent a decade in the Bay Area, it kind of makes me kick myself for not having spent my city-dwelling years there, instead of San Francisco/Oakland/Alameda. Or Tokyo. God, why did I ever live in Tokyo when I could’ve been in Portland?!!

Bay Area people! Check out Portland!

Here’s why:


“It’s like an alternative universe where Gore won..where you can put a bird on it and call it art!” – How can you not want to live in a city that inspired a show that’s mostly about Gen X’ers, grown up? Where every sincere thing we do is poked fun of and – hey! no hard feelings, we can laugh along, because our husband’s have beards, we pickle it, we grow it, we’ve done the pasta thing, we ride bikes, have chickens, taken the urban farming classes and made our own cheese. We’ve BOUGHT BOOKS at the Feminist Bookstore, because we felt guilty when Candace looked at us.

Portlandia? We know this town already –

it’s like coming home!

2. Portland is hella gorgeous

Graceful and varied bridges, beautiful landscaping, cool buildings, waterfronts everywhere. Brick. Trees, trees, trees – Portland loves trees!

Cool shops, music, vintage this and that and an almost Canadian-like sensibility.

3. Public transport

It’s been a while since I actually felt like riding public transport, but the options in Portland made me want to park the truck and hop on.

Trams, buses, train things, it has it all. And really sweet bike lanes, big ones! I mean, why drive when you can ride?

4. OMSI: The Oregon Museum of Science and Innovation

If you have a kid, this is reason enough to move. Or visit. It’s like everything I loved in the Bay Area – Habitot, Tot Land, Discovery Museum, Exploratorium and Chabot Space and Science Center, all rolled into ONE, handy and affordable package with easy parking. And lines that have only one or two people ahead of you. Places to eat inside, lots of restrooms, easy access,

5. Food Carts

They have everything. EVERYTHING! International, intergalactic, subterranean. You name it, they are cookin’ it. In Portland.

6, No Sales Tax

’nuff said.

7. Playgrounds that roll

Rolling grassy hills, lush trees, play spaces that don’t include needles and homeless people that you want to help but are also nervous about (especially when it s clear there are some drugs being used). Playgrounds that feel safe, and all the little black-clad kids with glasses are adorable.

8. Navigable

It’s kind of sprawled, with a lot of areas and a very distinct “downtown” and funky grin-inducing districts. I liked that I could get around to it all, even with Moby (our whale of an F350). It’s all do-able. Maybe I just hit light traffic? But even after everyone telling me how horrible traffic there was, I didn’t think it had anything to compare with Bay Area traffic.

9. Friends

Friends are always a reason to move anywhere, but I really love my friends in Portland and I loved the vibe that I got from people there. Part of it was just straight-up friendliness and part of it was that Northern sensibility that I find so endearingly attractive.

Those are my reasons for the awesomeness of Portland. I was only there for about a week – I’m sure that list would be longer if we were there longer too.



Some photos of the kids at OMSI –

portland - OMSI Micah with his robot Moxie in Portland Portland OMSI Portland OMSI Micah at OMSI Portland Moxie at OMSI Moxie at OMSI Moxie in OMSI

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  • Thanks for this post. I’ve been feeling a call to go check out Portland. Hope to do it sometime in the next few months. Now I’m a little more inspired!

  • Wow – great photos of the kidlets. Glad you had such an awesome time. Got a good belly laugh from the video – thanks 🙂

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