Revealed: The Apps That Can Make Family Life Smoother

Image via Pexels

As parents, we are having to navigate new challenges our own parents never even dreamed of – mainly caused by the constant Internet access our children have. From false images of perfection damaging their self confidence to lack of exercise due to being glued to a smartphone, there are a whole host of technology based challenges for parents to guide their kids through. We hear a lot about the negative side of the smartphone generation – from increased levels of isolation and anxiety to bad posture and increased risk of diabetes. What we don’t hear so much about is the positive impact technology can have in bringing families together and improving their lives. There are plenty of apps that work well to enhance family life, just read on to find out…


How many of us are only using Facebook to share pictures of our kids with friends and family who don’t live near us? The downside is that Facebook’s security isn’t all it should be, meaning that you could potentially be broadcasting details of what your kids look like, where they go to school and what location they are at to a lot of people- some of whom may have sinister intentions. Tweekaboo lets you share photos and details about your children in a safe way. It’s a private digital journal that creates a secure timeline of your child’s life on a secure platform where only the people you choose can see your updates.

Family Orbit

Monitoring and directing the way your children use their smartphones is something parents should absolutely be doing when it’s so easy for them to access inappropriate content or get drawn into unsuitable messages. If that situation has occurred, then you need to get Family Orbit best parental control app downloaded pronto. This smart technology provides a one-stop shop to deal with your children’s interaction with the digital world around them, with a host of clever features such as a GPS tracker, monitoring of phone usage, a screen locker to control the amount of time they spend on their devices and parental controls. Keeping them safe is made easy.

Star Walk 2

Did you ever wish you could stop your children staring at a screen all day and get them outdoors? Well, there is a way to use their phones to tempt them outside. Star Walk 2 transforms your phone into an interactive, digital telescope. Simply point your device at the night sky and it overlays your view with a huge wealth of astronomical facts which will capture little imaginations. They can access facts and educational videos while enjoying the great outdoors.


Keeping track of all your children and other half’s appointments, clubs and social activities can be a huge headache, so Picniic has you covered. Designed to keep all of the family information in one place, it can be easily accessed on the go. Features include a shared family calendar and to-do lists that you can assign to anyone in the family. You can also store things like medical details down to favourite recipes which you can then add to the meal planner function and even create shared shopping lists for your favourite places.


If you fancy a night off, finding a trusted babysitter can be the biggest challenge. Bambino lets you search out available babysitters in your local area that others have used and recommended. You can see who people in your network are recommending, then book them easily via the app. You can also use the timer function to work out the cost and pay your babysitter through the app as well – basically making the whole process as smooth and reassuring as possible.


Kids bring home an awful lot of stuff – paintings, craft projects, school certificates, report cards – it can be like a never-ending stream of stuff. Keeping it all means a very cluttered home – or does it? With Keepy, you can keep those precious mementoes somewhere better than the overflowing fridge door. Create a digital record of those special pieces of artwork which you can then share with other or even turn into prints and photo books to keep or send to relatives.


When you’ve got an unexpected day with all the kids alone and need to find a fun, family-friendly activity quick or you’re in a new area and need to search out child friendly places, Winnie is the solution that you need. It can help you to track down resources locally. This is a great app for families, since it can help you to find local resources for families such as playgrounds, child friendly cafes and restaurants and childcare facilities. You can even use the app to connect with other parents.