A long time ago, people paid storytellers who came and visited a campsite through gifts of food, drink and shelter. Art or objects of value may have been added, who knows, this was waaaaaaaay before my time, but the thing is, storytellers were valued and were shown that value by the care given to them as they went from cave to cave.

Bloggers are kind of like modern day storytellers.

We tell stories to people in their kitchens, mothers nursing their babies while holding and reading from their iPhones. Stories that entertain, teach and inspire. Stories that help and in my case, stories that might make you feel better about your own world because your house will always be cleaner than mine!

Stories do take time to craft and the blog costs money to run. You all know we are leaving very soon to travel down the Pan Am Overland in search of our Inn that will be a training ground and community of sorts for people with disabilities – and we will be visiting disability organizations along the way. We could probably do a Kickstarter or fundraiser for this trip – but we’d rather barter stories and help you with your business/blog/site promotion as well. Scratch each other’s backs, so to speak.

All money raised through links/banners and from art/products sold on this site are going to this venture, and it should be one that you can be proud to be connected with. Like, when we reach Panama, you’ll be able to say, ‘you know, my website link helped get them there’ because that’s going to be true!

I just wanted to explain that. Now on to all of the options 🙂

Sponsoring Options 

Sidebar text only link:

$20/month (- link to your blog/website/or hey – even a link to a cause you care about)



300×600: $60/month.

300×400: $50/month.

300×250: $40/month.

300×100: $30/month.

** note: I do give discounts for a year commitment and payment 

Sponsored Posts:

I have done quite a few of these by now and I’m getting pickier because I realize now how much is at play with a sponsored post: they are a lot of work! I only write sponsored posts if the product/service/organization is a fit with the blog. Each post has a minimum 300 words and 3 images. The fee for the post is $300. I am open to some options including a post with a follow-link and a story woven around the link, etc.


Again, I’ve done quite a few of these and I’m getting pickier about it all. If it’s a good fit, we’ll fly!

Thank you for supporting this blog – we all really appreciate it, but me in particular because it means that I can keep doing something that I truly love: crafting stories for you.

Thank you!



Meriah Nichols is teacher and artist who lives in a yurt off the grid. She is deaf, has 3 kids (one with Down syndrome) and a lot of chickens. She writes about travel, disability, and getting dishes done. She likes her tea Earl Grey and hot.


#deaf mom, teacher & #disability activist, living in a yurt #offthegrid. 3 kids (1 with #downsyndrome), a camera and a lot of chickens. Never a dull moment
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