Right Here, Right Now: The Last Few Weeks with Only Two Kids

We're PBS junkies (- Romney has us worried), mostly with our cooking shows. We love Jacques and Julia, love just Julia, tasting everything. Love Nick Stellino and his walking fingers. Little Man was without question imbued with more of the sauce of PBS cooking than he was with any kind of kid show.


So he's 4 now, he's a fine sous chef. He has his own little knife, he chops and prepares things. Enjoys creating garnishes, adding taragon to his eggs. You know, typical 4-year-old stuff.

So of course she is interested.


She likes her some Pepin too. She'll cook a little bit, roast up some things, use the little pots and pans and enjoy the 'sameness' of what she's doing, what Little Man (or Pepin) is doing


Till she's had enough and then, you know, just falls asleep.


Belly nearly-fully ripe now, I can feel Boo getting ready, set to come out, join his brother and sister. He moves more when I know he can hear them – like when we are in the tub together. I know he can't wait to meet them.


I look at them. These two are such a team.

They get along so well. They are tight.


So much love between them, real and deep and true.


There is a casual acceptance of who the other is: Moxie with her massive messes


Micah's willingness to help clean up after her. And his Little Teacher self, needing/wanting to have a student:


They have a dynamic between them. A give and take, an ebb and flow. I see them move from take-grab-cry-push to other moments of pure tenderness

I feel a deep, abiding happiness in my heart. For this connection between them, for a sibling love that will hopefully transcend what the future may hold  – and help them through whatever life brings them


I think of Boo, coming so soon. This small third person, joining him

And her

I find myself treasuring these last few days, weeks, of having only two kids. Just in the same way that it seems that most parents of an only child savour those last moments of having only one.


It's not about not looking forward to meeting the new little person that is on his way; it's just about this moment – enjoying it, delighting in what is, in this here and now.



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  • Oh boy! it's been a while since I read your blog! Sooooo sorry to write this but it's been so busy at work (which is where I usually do my blog reading, lol) I'm so exited to meet BOO! and to see your two little ones in action around him! Good luck on these last couple of weeks!

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