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  • Post on What Happened (neutral in tone): http://wp.me/P2ZfJC-23c

  • Post on WHY (many questions included): http://wp.me/p3oUoH-3

  • Comprehensive post on what happened, what is uncomfortable about it all:  http://wp.me/p12FHk-bV


Uncomfortable truths about a #downsyndrome homicide http://wp.me/p12FHk-bV #justiceforethan

Look at the truth http://wp.me/p12FHk-bV #justiceforethan

#justiceforethan means looking for the truth http://wp.me/p12FHk-bV

You look for the truth and ask hard questions http://wp.me/p12FHk-bV #justiceforethan

3 months today. Here’s why it matters: http://wp.me/p12FHk-bV #justiceforethan

He was killed and here’s why it matters: http://wp.me/p3oUoH-3 #justiceforethan

All the questions and none of the answers: http://wp.me/p3oUoH-3 #justiceforethan

Tell us WHY: http://wp.me/p3oUoH-3 #justiceforethan

Too many questions for comfort http://wp.me/p3oUoH-3 #justiceforethan3 months today.

We remember. #justiceforethan http://wp.me/P2ZfJC-23c
3 months today, 3 months too long. #justiceforethan http://wp.me/P2ZfJC-23c
The time is now #justiceforethan http://wp.me/P2ZfJC-23c

3 months today. We remember. We want #justiceforethan http://wp.me/p3oUoH-3
3 months today, 3 months too long: we want #justiceforethan http://wp.me/p3oUoH-3
3 months today. Silent no more. #justiceforethan http://wp.me/P2ZfJC-23c


Join us in our push for #justiceforethan http://wp.me/P2ZfJC-23c
Love someone with Down syndrome? Join us in our push for #justiceforethan http://wp.me/p3oUoH-3
Disability rights are human rights. #justiceforethan http://wp.me/P2ZfJC-23c
Death ruled homicide, cops walk free. We need #justiceforethan http://wp.me/p3oUoH-3
Down syndrome isn’t a cause of death. #justiceforethan http://wp.me/P2ZfJC-23c
No one should die over a movie ticket. #justiceforethan http://wp.me/p3oUoH-3

 Derechos de los discapacitados son derechos humanos #justiceforethan
(@Univision @Telemundo @lajornadaonline @elpaissemanal)

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