‘Round Here: An iPhone-Only Photo Essay

I’m getting ready now to go the Hearing Dog Training (did you miss that post? It’s here)

meriah nichols_-23

I’m terribly excited and terribly nervous – terribly, terribly. It’s just because I don’t know what TWO WEEKS of training is going to be like, and also because,(holy cow!)  it’s going to be TWO WEEKS with just the kids and my mom and I .

That’s long enough to turn the rest of my hair stone grey and that’s a fact.

I’m probably going to be sending you updates from the camp so those of you that are interested can follow along

Moving on,

Round here this week:


My friend Heather came by our yurt with her clan for JUST ONE NIGHT. We had a lot of fun speed-chatting and catching up and talking even more – Heather’s been on the road full time with her family for over a year now and she blogs at Stoll’n – “What RV Thinking?!” – and she’s a riot – and I love her. And miss her.

Other ’round here’s:

meriah nichols_-2

washing Dora
washing Dora

meriah nichols_-9

meriah nichols_-12
she takes care of him
meriah nichols_-20

meriah nichols_-21

and more –

morning boogie
morning boogie

meriah nichols_-8

inspector moxie
inspector moxie
grins like that are effective tools in keeping us wrapped around her little finger
grins like that are effective tools in keeping us wrapped around her little finger
mr mac-q, also known as "velcro"
mr mac-q, also known as “velcro”

meriah nichols_-6

Meanwhile, Mikey and my nephew Jrin De are working their butts off:

meriah nichols_-10Mikey has lost so much weight from farming that his belt LITERALLY is what is holding his pants up.

Not to be outdone, Project #slimkitty4thewin is going strong:


Yeah, I didn’t take any photos for the first few days… that’s because I was curled in fetal position, shaking for some BACON…damn but that was hard!!

I’ve learned that this food stuff is pretty serious. I’m learning so much – as a former anorexic/bulimic, my approach to weight loss was always just to not eat, or purge whatever I did. This is kind of a big deal for me to be actually learning how to eat well, eat clean, eat nutritiously and keep it going the good way, the right way, the way I’d want my kids to.

And speaking of kids:

meriah nichols_-28


He got all excited over chia seed “pudding” – that there is just coconut milk + coconut water + chia seed. We poured some grade b pure maple syrup over it all for the kids, but that there is desert these days.

They are adjusting, so much so that they REFUSED mac n’ cheese two days in a row. I was shocked. What is happening to them? Wait, I NEED them to like mac n’ cheese, that’s a go-to, easy-feed!

I guess I’ll get that quinoa pasta stuff and try it the old school way. Maybe they’ll go for that?


That’s all the news round here – most of these photos I had posted on Instagram (- I’m meriahnichols there, if you’d like to follow my feed) – I hope you have a great weekend and I’ll be checking in next the hearing dog training center (squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!)

photo by Fran Stoll
photo by Fran Stoll


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