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We weren’t sure why or how we missed San Ignacio the last time we drove through Baja, but HOT DAMN! That place is fall-in-love-able. How could it not be? Full-on oasis, jam-packed with date palms laden with fruit. Clear waters, swaying fronds, ducks.


DSC_0664 DSC_0670

Cobble stones in the main square, beautiful 200 year old Mision.

DSC_0640 DSC_0636 DSC_0527 DSC_0544 DSC_0539


Lovely winding streets, old houses, colourful paint.


IMG_4726 IMG_4732 IMG_4734 IMG_4718 IMG_4725


And best of all? The people. The people were so, so nice. Chatty, friendly, it reminded me so much of Fiji, where growing up, you were considered rude if you didn’t greet each and every person who passed by with at least a smile.

San Ignacio was like that. We felt welcomed there, wanted. We felt so at ease in fact, that we briefly considered just stopping and building the Inn right there. Mikey and I totally cracked up over that one, “wouldn’t it be funny?! We’re all, “HEY EVERYONE! We’re going to drive the PAN AMERICAN HIGHWAY all the way to freakin’ USHUAIA, ARGENTINA and oh, but wait! We really love this little town about 10 hours from uh… San Diego!”

IMG_4705 IMG_4701 IMG_4708 IMG_4709 IMG_4715

Oh man, we thought that was HILARIOUS! But we still would have done it if it felt perfectly right – which it didn’t. We think we really do need to be by the ocean. The lagoon is gorgeous but it’s just not the same. Plus, the wind ended up kicking us out – it was got to be like a low grade howling typhoon. Yikes.


when it WASN'T windy
when it WASN’T windy

Baja so far has been packed with cyclists, who may or may not bike the whole Pan Am. Most of them just kind of shrug when asked how far they are planning on going, “oh, I dunno…. ?” and it all trails off with a grin. They are so laid back and chill about it all I half suspect they are just completely high. Or maybe the road gets them to a higher state of zen or something? Either way, talking with them makes me keenly aware that a) I am not as laid back as they are and probably never could be and b) they are approximately half my body weight, if that.


They are also extremely pleasant. Micah loved hanging out with them – and you know what? I think they genuinely enjoyed hanging out with him too.

Here’s the full on slideshow – a picture being worth a thousand words, here are 48,000 – probably more than anyone except my Mom and Mother in Law want, but there you go 🙂


More Info:

San Ignacio is OFF the main highway. You need to turn right at the road right off the PemEx gas station and follow it for a couple of miles and you will reach the main square. San Ignacio is a hot spot for whale watching from the end of December through March (we were too early, worse luck).

We stayed at Los Potates, very clean and the owner Manuel, was full of good vibes. Cyclist who grows dates. Nice guy. We got a bargain by staying a week – something like $5/day. We bought our groceries by the PemEx on the main highway once – it was okaaaaaay, but we liked the local supermarket that is just past the Mision much better. Fresh mole paste! Fresh cheese! Tamarind snacks! YUM.

One thing to note about this town – the only major downer besides the wind which can be relentless – the town is in dire need of a good mariscos/adobada stand. The ready-made food here isn’t much to write home about.

ACCESS: I thought this town was on the better side of wheelchair access. There were ramps everywhere. I followed all the ramps that were around the mission and main square and they ramped out – didn’t end up in stairs. It seems to be the most well-thought out place we have been to yet.


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