See Us: Beautiful. Children with Down syndrome

This is one of those posts that I like so much that I'll probably still be whipping it out when all of these kids are 30, married and working. And they'll be all embarrassed, 'grrrrr, could you STOP re-posting that post already?'

I'll probably stop then.

But not before then.

Just cuz I like it.



hey! it's you!


I'm glad you are here, cuz I want to talk


see, it seems like people have some silly stereotypes about me – and my peeps with extra chromosomes


you wouldn't believe some of the stuff I've heard!



…like people with Down syndrome always having bowl cuts






Sammi's cracking up over that one, too



Or that we are happy all the time – because let me tell you, I can howl with the best of them


and so can Ellie!


and Verity!



and Coop… when he gets going, I can hear him all the way FROM CALIFORNIA!


Ollie says, "sshhh" – oh, okay


hmm… what else…? Oh! I know! That we aren't dapper dressers!



Anthony, the original Mr. Dapper



Manolo, the Cool Cat


Verity, Mistress of The Shades



…or that we are not beautiful



my friend Mia is simply stunning



so, too, is Verity



and Ollie! (all right, all right, you are HANDSOME, not BEAUTIFUL!)



where do people get this malarkey from anyway? or how about that we are not strong? that low tone equates a lack of strength?



tell that to Strong Man, Evan



..or that we are not tight with our siblings…



Broden and his bro's


…or that our mouths are always open, tongue out!  




yeah, right



…just try and make me open my mouth!



…you know… bowl haircuts, tongues, tone, whatever – anything that makes us other than who we really are








uniquely lovely






and with spirit



We are children. As any other. With or without extra chromosomes. See us beautiful.
It's who we really are.


** love and thanks to the mommies who trusted me with the photos of their precious little ones – tune in and follow those with blogs to stay connected **


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