She's Going to Need Surgery


I hate this post.

I guess I’ve been putting it off because I don’t want to admit that it’s real.

But it’s real all right.

See Moxie’s left eye there?

photo 4
sorry baby, taking your photo mid-meal. bad habit of mommy’s…. and Moxie? Saw the camera and went right into “cheese” mode

It’s slowly been moving in. The eye has been turning in. Little by little.

photo 3
“cheeese” danggit, mommy take the picture already!”

Well, we finally went in to get it looked at. The doctor said that it’s an issue with her eye muscle – her brain isn’t training it to do what it needs to do or something like that. Surgery is what is recommended, and recommended soon, before it gets worse.

Her vision is not affected. In fact, they were shocked at how perfect her vision is – even with her eyes dilated, she had perfect vision.

Anyway. Yeah, so. She is supposed to go back in 2 weeks and have it all assessed one last time before surgery. The surgery part of it scares the crap out of us because they actually knock her out for it.


I need to look at more cute pictures of her while I write about this stuff. So here is one more.

photo 2
She’s putting Mack in her lap. Little Mama

They said that once the surgery is performed, and her eye muscles are basically cut and reattached, her eye will not move in – but sometimes they have to do the surgery more than once to get it right.


“Oh, sorry y’all, we’ll just need to put Moxie under again to try and get it right this time!”

photo 3
she loves saying “cheese” – LOVES IT!

But they can also get it right the first time. We’re just going to have to hope and pray that they do.

And yeah, I”m sighing again.

This is a sigh-full post.

photo 2

I need all these cute photos to get me over my sighs.

photo 1

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  • Moxie’s Mom,

    I had that surgery myself at two years old. The hospital stay is my first memory. And it wasn’t bad. Moxie will be fine.

  • ((((hugs)))) Surgery is scary even if it’s routine. One of mine had to be put under for tooth surgery and it was scary even though I knew it routine, etc. Love to you guys. Message me etc if you need another shoulder.

  • Big hugs to you guys! It’s never fun to have to take our babies into a surgery; Owen’s been under 3 times for 3 different surgeries. I will keep you and Moxie in my thoughts and hopefully the surgeons will get it right the first time!

  • Hey momma! So sorry for poor little Moxie! (and momma) when you get a chance check out Everything and Nothing from Essex, Deanna writes about Addison having a similar surgery. I do have to warn you it’s a very pitiful post, but it looks like Addison’s eye improved!

  • Oh Mama Bear 🙁 I am so sorry. no one wants to put their baby under. We just did it with Bear. Not her eyes but her ears, tonsils, and adenoids. It sucks. Did you know that the adenoids can come back? Yeah. What is it with “we might have to go back in again”? Grrr! Best of luck with the surgery. HUGS HUGS HUGS!

  • Really? Will you get a second opinion? Surgery seems drastic as a first line of defense. I know you said that they determined that she has perfect vision . . . I’ve always wondered how the hell they can even tell in a young child who can’t say which picture looks clearer. I dunno, Meriah. I would be getting another opinion if it were me (and I know you’re not me!). Finn, as you know, also has strabismus, and we’re hoping glasses (with a very mild prescription) does the trick. If not, then yeah, I guess surgery at some point. Anyway, sending good thoughts your way.

  • It is SO scary to know your babe has to go under, no matter what the surgery.
    But gosh dangit she is CUTE. My eyes got all teary, feeling your mama-heart cries, and laughed out loud at both of your little ones’ sweetness. You make some beautiful little babes over there, mama! Will be thinking of and praying for you as the surgery date approaches. Big love. xo

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