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Shop - Cool Stuff that Also Helps Keep This Site Going

Lots of cool stuff here that represents your commitment to disability, diversity and empowerment! Check it out, and know that you are also helping to support this site and keep it going – so thank you!

My Photography

Most photos I take are for sale on Meriah’s Naps (or Meriah Snaps): – I am also open to commissions.

If you prefer a random selection sent to you, join my Patreon! All my patrons ($5/more a month) receive print photos or photo links to download. Check out my Patreon here.


4 Years: Essays with a Little Moxie

Essays, photos and art from  first 4 years of my blog are pulled together here in this book. A lot of this is my journey in being a woman with a disability and grappling with my own ableism and feelings related to Down syndrome over the course of my pregnancy with my daughter and the first few years of her life.


I was experimenting with t-shirt shops, soooooo…… now I have my designs all over the place. *sigh*

I”ll be bringing hem under one umbrella, but until then, I’ve got a lot of them linked in  this post (which is Down syndrome heavy).

Some of your favorites are here though, so come on over and have a look-see.


If you’d like to straight-up support what I do here, Patreon’s your place.

Besides the rewards, there are vlogs, more personalized content and updates. A lot of my current patrons though just like knowing that they are helping to support some kick-ass disability content – I’ll always thank them for their belief in me.


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