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The second post in the weekly Sibling Series, exploring relationships between siblings with disabilities, we have a post written by Patti of A Perfect Lily .

Patti, as many of you know, is a passionate blogger. She raises tremendous amounts of money for families wanting to adopt children with Down syndrome from Eastern Europe (thus saving them from a certain hellish future in an institution). Patti is deeply committed to Down syndrome advocacy and writes on many issues related to Down syndrome in the here and now.

Patti wrote this post and created the video last year and it’s just as relevant now as it was then.

Without further ado: Patti. Her 10 Kids. And a Beautiful Interview.

One of these fears was what would happen to our children with Down syndrome later in life…and would we be burdening our other children by leaving them the task of raising their sibling, if something happened to us as parents…I hope Lily’s life can educate and inform and inspire others to accept those who have been blessed by an extra chromosome.I know it has mine…. 

*if you can’t see the video player, refresh the page. Also, pause the music player on the bottom of the blog before watching the video.

Thank you, Patti!

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