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Signing Time has a brand-spanking new feature: Signing Time on Demand. Yes, I am happy about this, and I'll be even happier about it when we leave the US and are entirely dependent on this kind of internet-based feature.


They are promoting Signing Time On Demand by hosting an iPad giveaway with downloads – for every download, you have another entry for the giveaway. The first download is free; the others cost.


The cool thing about the download is that after it's in your computer, you can watch it even when you are not online. And they are yours: you can share them on your computer, iPad, iPhone – anywhere – and you have them wherever you go.


The other thing: you can have an old clunky bit of machinery and these videos will still play perfectly. This is important to me – with the exception of my iPhone, nothing I own is new or working very well. I really like that these are not going to hiccup on us.


Go Here to download and enter the giveaway – deadline is MAY 18th


– if you win, tell me would you? It'd make me really happy –

Moxie signing "I Love You"


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