Six Reasons To Choose WordPress

When creating a blog or website you are faced with decisions such as whether you should go self hosted or use one of the free platforms such as and Blogger. Most beginners choose to use the free platforms only to find that they switch over fairly quickly to WordPress, as there is so much more flexibility and plug in options available. This article aims to look at the benefits of owning a WordPress site.

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It is important to note that the article discusses the benefits of the self hosted WordPress option rather than the free platform.


User friendly

Not everyone is familiar with coding, so the fact that you don’t need a background knowledge of HTML is a bonus! You can create posts, upload videos, upload photos and change content and layouts easily. WordPress is a very easy to use interface, which is intuitive. The interface is adaptable to being viewed on PC and mobile devices. Many platforms require additional editing software  installing such as dreamweaver, but this isn’t the case for WordPress.



WordPress allows you to control how your site looks and is adaptable enough to add extra features from outside sources. If you would like control over the features on your site it is possible to install a  WordPress landing page without the need of extra coding. Previously you would have to hire expert help from website developers, whereas now you can install the feature yourself in minutes!


There are literally thousands of plugins available for using on your WordPress site, this is in comparison to the restricted and limited tools available on the free platforms. The WordPress site is perfect for businesses as you can add plugins to provide a commerce aspect to your site.


The site is owned by you!

A self hosted WordPress site is owned by you, which means that you own all of its content. This allows you to stay in control of data on the site and if you want to close it down at any point. This adds security for your business or blog, as there is nothing stopping the owners of the free platforms from closing. This could be disastrous for your site, as you could potentially lose all of your content and data. Free platforms may have time when they are providing site maintenance, which again means that your website will not be live.



Your main aim of your site is to get it “seen” by potential customers and followers. To do this you need to rank highly on search engines, so you need search engine optimisation (SEO). There is a large amount of information available to teach you the basics of SEO, but as an additional benefit to WordPress, search engines love WordPress sites!


The coding behind a WordPress site is clean and simple, which makes it easy to read by search engines. If you ensure that each post published is tagged with meta keywords, your site will feature even higher.



Your site is your shop window, whether it is a blog or a website selling products. Your site allows you to express your own site and personality. A WordPress site is fully customisable and it is possible to purchase themes, or use one of the many free WordPress themes that reflect the message you are trying to convey. Some sites want to showcase their photography, whereas the content is more important on others. It is possible to link social media feeds to your site such as instagram.



As your business or blog grows and diversifies your WordPress site is capable of growing with you. This is thanks to the many plugins available as we mentioned before. The fact that your site is so adaptable means that it won’t be necessary to invest more money into an all “singing and dancing” site in the future as WordPress is capable of accomodating most changes.


It is possible to set up mailing options on your site, followers and readers will be able to subscribe to a newsletter by email and will be able to comment on posts if you wish this function to be available. This is a great way to connect with people in order to build your brand’s awareness in the marketplace.  


To conclude it is easy to see why WordPress is so popular, of course a lot of people will stay loyal to other platforms, especially if they are used to the functions. The WordPress site is very adaptable and able to grow with your business. It is customisable to the point of really making your site, your own.