Slice of Life: Dress Up Delight


I was sitting there, beached on the chair that is becoming a permanent part of my butt these days.

Nursing Mac who may as well be an  extension of my chest when Moxie suddenly appeared in front of me.



This is what she had put on herself: Micah’s leather fringed poncho and… a grocery bag.




I was so insanely proud of her dress up skills, my eyes welled up. I reached for the iPhone. She saw the camera, tilted her head back, “cheeeeee




Just then Micah came running in




Yeah, ye old matey, complete with cape.




May as well be a Super Pirate, right?!



Yep. Right.


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  • She looks ready to do a runway show to me! It is so funny you posted this today. Just two days ago as I started to complain as my 7 year old came downstairs in her fourth outfit of the day (this one was a summer outfit after two bizarre costumes previously, my husband started to smile because he’d had the thought at the same moment I said “but how awesome is it that she is dressing & undressing herself in all these different types of clothes”. As always I am grateful for the ability Cate has given me to be happy & thankful even when the actions result in twice the laundry!

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