Some Small Tales of Tiny Happenings and Great Adventures: La Paz Part 3

I don’t know if you were waiting for the last little installment of my major photo-dump that’s kind of majestically called a ‘La Paz Series’ – but if you were, I’m sorry! Things got busy around here.

So, let’s see. Where were we? Right. We had the post that was about finding La Paz for the first time (in a nutshell, it’s courtesy of the Great Puke Fest of 2011), then there was the post on Food, so I think now we are on Great Adventures and Tiny Happenings. All of this is really building to the post that I’ll have up and out shortly on La Paz 2014, which will compare a lot of these older posts to what’s going on now in that grand little city.

Here’s some tales of Great Adventures and Tiny Happenings

On our first trip to La Paz we were walking around the town square and we happened upon a girl who was also visiting La Paz who was the same age as Micah.


They became the jelly to peanut butter, mac to cheese, butter to toast: in other words, inseparable.



Their adorability blew us away of course.


Just like their conversations.


Sometimes we all got a sense that if these two were to meet in 30, 40 years, not a lot might change – they’d sit there and quietly look out on life together with a comment or three between them.


That first time in La Paz, we spent a lot of time with that little girl, her mom and her auntie.

We also spent a lot of time walking up and down the Malecon. Not just that trip; all trips.

The Malecon (- Boardwalk)  in La Paz


The Malecon felt like the heart of La Paz. So, so many things going on.


So many people to watch, rides to ride

P1250169 P1250131

P1250469Faces to smile upon, yards to be ran.


Boats to watch, pelicans to talk to


DSCF5540Pelicans really crack us up.

All of these Mexican families would come out and rent bicycles and ride ecstatically around. Locals would do their exercise on the Malecon after dark, when it was cooler, and tourists of the North American stripe seemed to linger longer than anyone in the establishments for food/drink. Especially drink.

la paz malecon

One of the things we really liked was that La Paz is a holiday town for Mexicans. We met many people from mainland Mexico who were on vacation – same as we were – and we liked that it wasn’t about just a vacation spot for foreigners like “Cabo Wabo” seems to be.

Aside from the Malecon, we had a lot of fun walking around La Paz.


For those early trips when we only had two kids (hahaha), it was pretty easy: Moxie in the Ergo and Micah in the BOB stroller for the most part, but sometimes we’d have both kids in the stroller – Moxie in the back and Micah sitting up front.


The ramps and stairs there are a cruel joke: a ramp up leading to a steep flight of stairs down. We made out okay because of the BOB stroller but I sure would hate to be a wheelchair user in that town – or most of Mexico as I have seen it, because they don’t have the equivalent of the Section 503 at all.

It’s like someone is standing there, licks their finger and puts it in the wind and that’s going to determine the ramp/access situation in any given block.



Graffiti/Murals in La Paz

I *hella heart* gorgeous graffiti and murals. They make my heart kind of explode with excitement and happiness inside.

La Paz had some good murals and interesting graf from place to place –

IMG_1745 IMG_1742 DSCF5507Their pictures of Jesus tended to be really vivid

IMG_0079-1People here don’t like to forget that he SUFFERED.

I also enjoyed the details in things: the wall art


Succulents all over the place


My own head


Micah in his hat

IMG_1621-1Clearly, I’m going off on tangent now!

More Art

We went to the Museum by the town square more than once, it was a nice place to spend time and it was free. Very small. But worth going to for the history of La Paz and the region. We also went to the main church in the square and that was lovely, very majestic and powerful in the way that big old churches tend to be.

We loved walking around and looking at people’s houses and gardens. Getting a sense of the day to day flavour of spaces

P1240826 IMG_9983-1I didn’t take a ton of photos because that seemed rude. IMG_1559-1Just a few. Here and there.

Coming up: Beaches of La Paz and other incidentals.


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