Snake in the House, Return to School & Satellite Woes

a snake in the house

I love this place.

You know why? Cuz it’s never, EVER dull. We are way the way out there in our Californian version of the Canadian hinterlands (is “hinterlands” even a word? I just stuck that in there because I liked the sound of it, but I’m not honestly sure). And the thing is, people always have this totally misbegotten idea that the only life that’s exciting is the urban one. WRONG, that’s SO COMPETELY wrong, it makes my head ache, yo! WRONG. It’s out here that the going gets juicy!

I never found a snake in my place in the Bay Area, for starters.

a snake in the house
a snake in the house

can we just dig into that for a minute?!! SNAKE IN THE HOUSE!!!



– OH MY GOD! I needed to get that out there, thanks. I might need to say it again- SNAKE IN THE HOUSE!!! – because, you know, SNAKE IN THE HOUSE!!!

moving on – SNAKE IN THE HOUSE!! – I never had to rely on satellite like we do out here.

2 satellite dishes are mounted to the outhouse
2 satellite dishes are mounted to the outhouse

This is probably a bucket of “excitement” I could do without, because it meant that we sort of had internet access every other day between 8:30-9:30am for 4 days ( -which actually equaled two days – “every other day”, uh huh), then none at all for 10 (very very, verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long) days.

Apparently the dish was blown out of alignment in a winter storm. The guy who fixes it – he’s Samoan by the way, SAMOAN! – gets lost when he drives out here and it takes him anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to get the roads found. Yeah, that’s how far out we are, that’s how hard to find we are, and that’s why it’s not a good idea to think you’ll be able to pop by for a visit without GPS coordinates if you are not a local  (not that GPS will help that much without satellite access).

lost coast first week back-0355 lost coast first week back-0348

Meanwhile, the kids are having a blast. (SNAKE IN THE HOUSE!!)

lost coast first week back-0257-7 lost coast first week back-0254-3 lost coast first week back-0253-8 lost coast first week back-0251-9

3 kids in the tub, one is getting water dumped over his head
3 kids in the tub, one is getting water dumped over his head
3 kids in a construction tote in a shower made of pallets. middle child is looking up
3 kids in a construction tote in a shower made of pallets. middle child is looking up

lost coast first week back-0259-6lost coast first week back-0263-5School!

Micah went back first. He had been waiting for this day for the past 5 months – and we’ve been using it to get him to do stuff (“Micah, if you don’t clean up, we won’t let you go back to school!”). We were all kind of holding our breath – him, because he was hoping it would be as good as he remembered (- it was – then it wasn’t, then it was again and…it’s a little complicated) and us, because we didn’t want to lose our bait (- we didn’t!!!).

lost coast first week back-0270 lost coast first week back-0278

Moxie went back the next day, and she walked out like a boss with floss.

lost coast first week back-0288 lost coast first week back-0299 lost coast first week back-0291 lost coast first week back-0296

Her teachers are absolutely first rate. They had arranged for the speech therapist to be there on her first day back (- and he has to drive 2 hours each way to see her). I hope she can get back to horse therapy soon – that part is conditional on my (still broken) foot being able to handle the driving on the roads.

Little sister was tired the next morning. But when she heard “school”, she revved up, got herself dressed and out faster than Micah could roll over.

lost coast first week back-0318

Which left Mack at home with me. Just the two of us. I suspect that’s just the way he likes it.

lost coast first week back-0340 lost coast first week back-0339 lost coast first week back-0334 lost coast first week back-0351 lost coast first week back-0311 lost coast first week back-0308PS


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