Special Needs + Disability Blog Hop: Optional Prompts

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It's Monday and that means it's the day for the (completely optional) prompt as well as a quick refresher on the whole Blog Hop thing.


What is a blog hop: click here.

The point of the Wednesday Hop:
The point is to gather Down syndrome and Disability/Special Needs bloggers under one umbrella. Each Monday I'll post an optional prompt – a subject/question or idea that you are free to not follow. This is just for those of you that like a little nudging. You are more than welcome to just post a "regular" post, a "slice of life" describing bits/pieces of your day-to-day. It can be anything, really – just keep it on the overall disability/special needs theme (so save your How to Repair a Transmission post for Thursday).


Because this is NOT just for parent-bloggers of kids with Down syndrome and it IS also for general Disability bloggers (both people with a disability and also advocates and parents), the prompts are going to be pretty general. You can interpret them as you'd like and as it relates to you and your life.


All Hops will be kept under the new "Hop Page" in the tabs so you'll have a place to look through back posts and read past weeks that you may have missed.

Sound good?

All right! Let's get cracking.

This week, the optional prompt is is:

That is, "Down's kid?" – the question being in essence:  
what have people said that has gotten under your skin about something that relates to your connection with disability – and what do you want them to say instead?

and the blank photo in case you want to mess with is:

* to use it, just open to a new window and right-click save. Upload to picmonkey and add comic bubble, fill it in with text, VOILA!, repost on the Wednesday Hop.



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Meriah Nichols is a career counselor, teacher and blogger. Single mom to 3 (one with Down syndrome, one gifted 2E), she is also a cat-loving Trekkie who likes her coffee hot and black.
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