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Spotify Has Song Lyrics Now (And This is Where You Find Them!)

Spotify Has Song Lyrics Now (And This is Where You Find Them!)

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This a how-to post: how to find the Spotify song lyrics (available for ALL Spotify accounts, paid and free!), and how to enable the Spotify lyrics, as well as what the lyrics look like.

I’m deaf and I love music.

You’d think that might be an unfortunate combination but really, it only gets to be cumbersome when I want to sing along too and I can’t hear lyrics AT ALL. Like, it doesn’t really matter what language I listen to songs in; I can’t understand lyrics, full stop.

If I like the melody of a song, I usually do a search for the lyrics to prevent myself from blasting something totally inappropriate in front of my kids (right, like bopping to “WAP” and one of my hearing kids going, “Mommy, what’s a WAP?!“)

Normally I go back and forth with a search online. If I really like a song, I might print out the lyrics to help remember them (I did this with Crimson Blue most recently actually).


I don’t think I”ll need to do that all that much anymore now because Spotify has song lyrics now with ALL accounts, free as well as premium. It’s just a matter of enabling them.

Where to Find Spotify Song Lyrics

The Spotify song lyrics are pretty easy to find; the only thing to be aware of is that not all songs are lyric-enabled. I only realized this when I was driving myself crazy trying to find the lyrics for Adele’s new “OMG”. Finally, I skipped ahead and realized that the next song had the lyrics, just not OMG.

So, if the song has lyrics enabled, there is going to be a microphone icon to the right of the track playing, like so:

image of the Spotify player - next to the track is a microphone. click that microphone to enable the song lyrics to show

After you click the microphone icon, the screen opens to a full sized lyrics flow. Karaoke-style, the text is highlighted as it’s being sung!



what the song lyrics on Spotify look like

Enabling the Lyrics on the Spotify Phone App

It’s super easy –

  1. Tap on the “Now Playing View” on a song.
  2. While listening, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  3. You’ll see track lyrics that scroll in real time as the song is playing!
  4. To share, simply tap the “Share” button at the bottom of the lyrics screen and then select the lyrics you want to share—and where you want to share it—via third-party platforms.

(for more info or read it from the horses’s newsroom, here’s the link to Spotify’s post on it)

I’m pretty thrilled about all of this, but I have to say, easy access to all the lyrics has already started to change how I feel about people. I never liked the melody of Taylor Swift’s stuff to bother looking up her lyrics and now that I just see them pop up from some playlist, I’m like, “oh. huh. this kind of nice,  I like her story-writing.”

You know what I want next?! I want those Korean lyrics translated!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.