We Stopped: A Real Time Update

I’m in the flow of a story here, bending with the dips and twists of the road we have been traveling. While everything I write on this blog is part of the story of what is happening to us, it’s rarely up-to-date. I’m usually posting things that have happened a while ago, and I do that mainly for the safety of the kids.

But I wanted to post something that actually is current – in real time – we went through La Paz from Santa Rosalia, directly to Tecolote Beach. After being there for some time,we went through La Paz again to Ticklefish Hot Springs, then on south to San Jose del Cabo before swinging back up with a long stay in Los Frailes. The Los Frailes posts are coming next.

Right now though, in real time, we are in La Paz. We have rented an apartment and we know we’ll be here for about a month. Why’d we do this?! Well:

  1.  We knew we’d want to stop along the way to get to know an area better, and we love La Paz. It’s definitely on our short list for the future.
  2. Work. We need to fill up the coffers. Hey, if you want to hire me, or you’d like to chip in by way of supporting the arts, or subscribing, that would be awesome! If not, no worries, I still love ya.
  3. Our visas. We have been so slow that at this point, either we draw Baja out a bit more, drive north, exit and re-enter and give ourselves 5 more months of Mexico, or we RUSH LIKE HELL through Mexico after taking our sweet time here. Huh. Not much of a choice, right?

So, we’ve rented an apartment here for a month.

We found a sweet little place in a great area for about $300/month – furnished, with wifi, etc. Micah was so excited he started puking and that means a lot – doing this is the right thing for the kids. That is to say, taking our tiiiiiiiiiiiiime, even if it means we are going to try for the Slowest Overlanders in the World title.

We’re going to be here for a while, we’ve unpacked a little, we’re really enjoying the full-size fridge, hot showers (squeeeeee!!!!) and extra space. Seriously, nothing like being in a camper for a few months to appreciate being able to stretch out ALL of your limbs at the SAME TIME without knocking someone or something over.

Coming up, I have posts that I wrote on the way to Los Frailes and while we were camping at Los Frailes. I’ll share those because Los Frailes was magical – and magical spots are worth talking about, right?


los frailes: pure magic
los frailes: pure magic

I’d like to think so.


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