Stories connect, empower, change lives and ultimately, the world.

I crave stories of our lives across the disability spectrum, because all too often, it’s easy for us in our respective disabilities to feel alone and isolated. As a deaf woman, I crave visuals.

Both the 365 Days with Disability Project and Voices from the Disability Community are projects that I started with the hope of sharing the normal of our lives, in all their mundane glory. I believe that everyone has their something – both their challenges and their triumphs, and everyone has their story.

These projects are designed to share both.

To participate in 365 Days with Disability, please click the image below – it will tell you all about it. To participate in Voices from the Disability Community, please email me and I’ll send you the questions.

If you are a blogger with a disability, please add your site to the list of blogs, and join the rest of us over at the Federation of Disabled Bloggers!

Voices From the Disability Community
The Ongoing Series About Cool People
365 Days with Disability
The project that shares our lives, one gloriously mundane photo at a time!

Be a part of our stories. Nothing About Us Without Us.

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