Stuff I Made While I Was Waiting

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, you know how we’ve been waiting a long time in Humboldt County?! If it wasn’t the truck title, it was the cash cards, then it was the double cot and, oh boy, just yada-yada-yada. One thing piled up on the other,  just like an enormous stack of pancakes that you’d have a hard time cutting with the side of your fork.

I did what any good bi-polar workaholic would do: made stuff!

Here’s the first shirt:



Always be yourself. Unless you can be YODA. Then always be Yoda.

Imagine how hard I kicked myself when Mikey, my One True Darling Man, he of the thrilling intellect and full head of hair, took one look at it and said,

Always yourself be.

Unless you can be YODA

Then Yoda, always be

*head to desk* why didn’t I think of that?!!

–  Next time!

I made this one for both Micah and Mikey. They can be all father/son  matchey-matchey, how cool is that?!


“Micah…..” *cue heavy breathing*

“I am your FATHER” *more heavy breathing*


I’d totally wear this too but with my lard, it’s not as funny as if someone as ravishingly handsome and steely-muscled – like Mikey!! – wears it!  So it’s all his. He loves it. He loves bacon, like, right up, myself being a close second (- wait, did I just get that wrong?!)


Oh, this?! This little KING SIZED quilt?!

pshaw, ain’t nuthin’ but a few hundred million squares of cloth!

Yup. first and last quilt I may ever make, but lordy, it sure did put all those garments I had been memory-hoarding for years to use. Glad I did it. Won’t be doing it again soon.


That’s not actually all, folks. I designed and put up a few websites for myself (- one for career counseling, one for general stuff and another for basic wordpress consulting – and I’m talking basic! Down syndrome Blogs is also done and rollin’. Check it out, will you?

and then…I  installed Garmin Basecamp and tried to understand OpenStreet Maps (NOT by myself – Jessica from Life Remotely totally guided me through it). I installed them all the way through to South America (-and  thank you for the Garmin itself, Linh!!!), before moving on to transfer a good bucketful of movies that my brother owns via Handbrake to the external hard drive. Then  my brother said, “hey, Meriah, why don’t you just take the DVD copies? Don’t rip them; just take ’em!”

And then I was really, really tired in that way that you get when you have been working so long and so hard and you are just overcome with a burst of happiness that makes you sleepy.

I love my generous, big-hearted brother.

And folks, guess what? This is on auto-post, cuz WE ARE ON THE ROAD!!!!



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