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Summer Blog Hop Series: CHALLENGE!

This is our third Summer Blog Hop Series and there are three ways to participate:

  1. Follow the OPTIONAL narrative arc by following the writing prompts (which are listed  HERE ). Re-working older posts that you have written or just posting the links to those URL’s is an awesome way for some of us to follow the prompts. Or write new posts.
  2. Write and post what you want without following the writing prompts
  3. You can also participate just by reading and sharing the posts!


  • The links for each week will remain open for two weeks.
  • You are free to copy and paste the code to host the blog hop yourself!


So this week, the prompt is:

Coming to Terms with Disability in My Life

–  a post about coming to terms with disability in your life (be it as a parent, a person with a disability, etc) – this can be taken in whatever direction you want – as light or as in-depth as you feel like writing about.

Let’s go! (FAQ below the link)




 What is a Blog Hop?

A Blog Hop is like a party for blog posts: we set up a space and bloggers come and add the direct URL links to the posts that they have written. Then they get a chance to meet other bloggers by way of visiting the other posts in the Hop

 How do I join?

You join by adding the direct URL link of a post that you want to include in the Hop.

 What if I don’t want to follow the prompt?

That’s fine. Add the link to another post, even if it isn’t the prompt.

 Do I have to do weird link code things?

Nope! All you have to do is drop the link to your post if that’s all you want to do. If you want to do more, you have the option to code the code and add it to your blog so that you yourself are also hosting the Hop. Up to you!

I just started blogging… can I do this?


I blog in a language other than English… is that okay?

Sure – can you add a feature to your blog to translate it to a language we understand? It would be really cool to read more cross-cultural perspectives – thank you for joining

 I don’t feel like writing new posts but I want to join…

How about re-working an older post? Take a blog post you have published on your blog already, look at it with fresh eyes and re-write pieces of it. Then re-publish it.

any other questions? Email me:

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– grab the badge – right/click save!

meriah nichols summer series blog hop


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