Summer Blogging Series: It Changed How I See the World

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I got up around 5:30 this morning to get this post together, but the highly suck-tastic thing about rural Lost Coast life is that my internet access can literally depend on which way the wind is blowing. Or how foggy it is.

It was a no-go clear on until now – and I don’t know how long this is going to last, so I kind of want to hurry and post it (- I’m talking to you, MacQ – you need to get off of my lap and into your nap, boy).

Blogging Series:

This week the OPTIONAL prompt is: How a Connection with Disability Changed the Way I See the World.

Like always, you can post a link to your blog post about your visit with Grandma Fifi, your new Instagram feed or whatever else floats your boat (PG and within reason!). Or take an older post and re-purpose it (- I think I’m going to do that).

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Before I forget: 


I’m going to make a compilation on posts from this series and we’ll sell it for a small sum and donate the proceeds to an organization that we all agree on.

Now, if you have a post or two that you’d like to see in the book compilation, that’s fine. If you have the whole series that you’d like to see in the book compilation, that’s fine. There is no limit or restrictions. Personally, I care far more about quality over quantity.

If you want to participate, just send me this, and if you’ve already sent me the contact form, I’d love it if you sent me your posts via email (  –

A quick recap: 

Week One: My Connection with Disability

Week Two: Coming to Terms with Disability

Week Three: A Letter to My Younger Self

Week Four: Talking Raw, Talking Real: Challenges Related to Disability

Week Five: Connections and Comforts

Week Six: VENT! – what pisses you off

* all links are still open if you’d like to participate  *


– coming weeks – links not up yet:

Week 9: A Challenge: Present a Post in a Way You Don’t Usually – write a poem, post photographs or a painting your made…something that stretches you

Week 10: What I Will Fight For

Week 11: My Vision of a Perfectly Accessible World Looks Like This

Week 12: Disabled and Proud, And Here’s Why

Week 13: Celebrate! Pieces I Love


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