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Welcome to the Summer Disability Blog Hop on With a Little Moxie – this is a hop for bloggers who are advocates, people with disabilities and/or have a connection with disability through blogging. That includes Down syndrome bloggers, Deaf bloggers, blind bloggers, bloggers without a disability but who have a loved one with a disability. Bloggers with all and every type of physical/mental disability. It also includes bloggers who don't blog on disability/special needs but would like to write or include a post that has a disability connection.
If I missed you in this description, holla but the point I hope has been made: the spectrum of disability is huge and this hop is for everyone.
The point of the hop is to connect and share. Meet new people. Create community.
The optional prompt for this week is was posted on Monday – it's:  
SAY CHEESE! Let's have some photos – just post some fun pictures that have a connection with disability – your child with Down syndrome/special needs, yourself and your bad-ass chair, your hearing/seeing dog. What-have-you, but let's have us some FUN.
Since the spectrum for disability (and our representation within) is so broad, this prompt is open to absolutely any way you'd like to interpret it – or not. You don't have to use it.
Star Trek Photo Prompt + Photo to Riff is here.

I'll go first –

my daughter – who has Down syndrome
"happy all the time", right?!
and me. I'm deaf.
…a deaf Trekkie and that's why my kids like Star Trek too

Live Long and Prosper and I can't wait to see your pics! (that is, if you want to go with the prompt)

(hop links open for a week).
Ready, set – your turn!

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