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Welcome to the Summer Disability Blog Hop on With a Little Moxie. This is a hop for bloggers who:
  • are disability advocates
  • people with disabilities¬†
  • anyone who has a connection with disability through blogging – even if it’s a one-time post for this Hop!
The point of the hop is to connect and share. Meet new people. Create community.
The Summer Series will go until the end of August. Each hop will remain “open” for two weeks – that is, you can join at any point in the given period by adding the direct URL to your post on the NON-OPTIONAL PROMPT.
The non-optional topic for the Hop running from July 18-August 1st is:


– For parents of children with disabilities: How have earlier interactions with individuals with Down syndrome – or other disabilities –¬† influence (d)¬† how you felt and feel about your child’s diagnosis?

– For people with disabilities: How have earlier interactions with individuals with disabilities influenced how you feel about your own diagnosis?


  • click on “click here to enter” (below)
  • when it open in a new window, add the title of your blog and post title where it says “picture caption”. Add the direct URL link to your post where it says “link”.¬† Email address and name are optional.

After you placed your information, something comes up that asks you about if you want the code for the hop on your blog. If you do, just indicate yes, copy and paste the code. Once pasted, open your original post, view it in HTML, not the typical visual mode (there are two tabs next to both blogger and wordpress screen in which you can choose between HTML and visual). Scroll to the very bottom of your post, paste the code. Switch back to the visual to check and make sure it looks right. It should (unless you have free wordpress – the code isn’t the best for free wp; just for blogger and self-hosted wp).


  • do link back to this post or to the another participating blog with the code – help introduce your regular readers to new blogs and voices. The point of this, after all, is connect and share. Meet new people. Create community.
  • do visit other blogs participating, leave comments and be supportive of new writers!

Any questions, just email me at


PS. Thanks to Melissa Kline Skavlem for the topic this week. If you have an idea for the final topic, please email me.

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