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Hey! We’re back!

First, THE BOOK. We have about 6 people who said they are in (and I’ll be emailing everyone this week to get started).

Now, if you have a post or two that you’d like to see in the book compilation, that’s fine. If you have the whole series that you’d like to see in the book compilation, that’s fine. There is no limit or restrictions. Personally, I care far more about quality over quantity.

So, if you want to participate or have questions that you need answered before you can, just contact me using the form right here:

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On to the Series!

A quick recap: 

Week One: My Connection with Disability

Week Two: Coming to Terms with Disability

Week Three: A Letter to My Younger Self

Week Four: Talking Raw, Talking Real: Challenges Related to Disability

Week Five: Connections and Comforts

Week Six: VENT! – what pisses you off

* all links are still open if you’d like to participate  *

This week:  

Golden Moments

right-click save this image if you would like to use it with your own post/hop
right-click save this image if you would like to use it with your own post/hop

Golden Moments: the pure joy moments, the moments with unicorns and glitter, or the moments that time just stands still as you look at your child and see their beauty shining. Moments that make you grateful to be alive, moments that you treasure and hold dear.

Is it the old man who reached forth and touched your child’s hair, smiling, and said, “never worry about her; God takes care of His own”, is it the feeling that makes you burst inside when you see your child included and accepted? Or is it YOU, is it how you feel when you make friends with someone with your same disability, someone who *gets* it on every level? Or is it
“golden” as in, “funny”, like the time you were making out and your hearing aids went off on wild feedback and the guy was trying to figure out what the sound was and you didn’t hear it (and even if you did you wouldn’t have done anything since you were trying to pass as non-deaf…) and it turned into this completely hilarious moment?

Golden Moments. Tell us yours. However you want to interpret it. However you want to write about it. Tell it to us.


The writing prompt is optional:

If you’d rather just post the link to another post you’ve written, that’s fine. You do not need to follow the prompt!


– coming weeks – links not up yet:

Week 8: How A Connection with Disability Has Changed How I See the World

Week 9: A Challenge: Present a Post in a Way You Don’t Usually – write a poem, post photographs or a painting your made…something that stretches you

Week 10: What I Will Fight For

Week 11: My Vision of a Perfectly Accessible World Looks Like This

Week 12: Disabled and Proud, And Here’s Why

Week 13: Celebrate! Pieces I Love


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