Summer Series: VENT!!

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Hey! We’re back!

First, a note of business: THE BOOK. Do you want to participate in a compilation of this series? I think it would be pretty cool to compile the posts, self publish and sell them for a few dollars. All profit will be donated to an organization that we all vote and agree on.

Sound good? If so, I need you to contact me and email me your posts!


On to the Series!

A quick recap: 

Week One: My Connection with Disability

Week Two: Coming to Terms with Disability

Week Three: A Letter to My Younger Self

Week Four: Talking Raw, Talking Real: Challenges Related to Disability

Week Five: Connections and Comforts

* all links are still open if you’d like to participate  *

This week:  

Vent: An Open Letter to Someone/Something Who Pisses You Off

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The writing prompt is optional:

If you’d rather just post the link to another post you’ve written, that’s fine. You do not need to follow the prompt!


– coming weeks – links not up yet:

Week 7: Golden Moments

Week 8: How A Connection with Disability Has Changed How I See the World

Week 9: A Challenge: Present a Post in a Way You Don’t Usually – write a poem, post photographs or a painting your made…something that stretches you

Week 10: What I Will Fight For

Week 11: My Vision of a Perfectly Accessible World Looks Like This

Week 12: Disabled and Proud, And Here’s Why

Week 13: Celebrate! Pieces I Love


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