My year of gratitude…

It’s 2016 and I still feel like it’s the 90’s.

Of course so much has changed, and of course so much hasn’t. Madonna is still around, so is Prince (only he calls himself “Prince” again). I’m not as messed up as I was in the 90’s – I got my tribal tattoo and nose piercing though (not like that helped un-messify me, it’s just a side note). It was in the 90’s too that I realized resistance was futile and gave in to hearing aids that wrapped around my ears in colossal embraces.

It was in the 90’s that I sat on sidewalk curbs and watched people while I journaled on paper and smoked cigarettes. It was in the 90’s that I sharpened up that fierce longing to experience the world – like, really experience it, in that Siddhartha-like way. It was in the 90’s that I started to want to raise kids, and it was in the 90’s that I wanted to meet my partner and start experiencing life together with him.

It took me longer than I wanted to get everything – but that was part of the experience. And now I have it; every big piece in my puzzle is there. Some pieces still need slipping into place, but the pieces are all there – I can see them and I can feel them. Having wanted them for so long, I am tremendously, profoundly grateful to have them.

This year, I want to pay more attention to articulating what I am grateful for.

I’d like to embark upon “My Year of Gratitude”, because I think there is power in the saying, that being explicit about the pieces that I am thankful for draws more of the positive juice over and around them.

Here is a start (and not listed in order of importance)

16 Things I am Grateful for in 2016

1. My Grandpa Jack

I’m writing this as my Grandpa Jack is in the hospital. We don’t know if he will make it. He’s 92 years old and you think, “oh, he’s had a nice long life” but you don’t understand: Grandpa was playing tennis until recently. He’s lively, he’s not ready to go. Or maybe we’re not ready to let him go? I’m grateful I’ve had 42 years with him, that my kids know and love him, that our family has been so very blessed with his presence for so long.

2. Coffee

That magical bean that revitalizes me, every. single. day.

3. Mikey

Who holds my hand when things are tough, and who is always interested in what I have to say. Even when I forget what I was talking about, mid-sentence.

4. My Mom

Who brews the best damn kombucha I’ve ever had, makes a mean hippie California salad and oozes reiki, energy, essential oils and organic whole food. Who knows how to hug. Who faces difficult things with her feet on the ground and her heart in her hands.

5. My Brother Dana

Because I need a partner in crime, nuts in my peanut butter and adventure on my doorstep. I need my brother’s backbone of love.

6. Hummingbirds

Because they are magical small creatures that make me believe that all things are possible.

7. The Ocean

Which is a reflection of the universe.

8. The Universe

Which is a reflection of God.

9. My Kids

Who are 3 small bundles of God-filled light energy. Until, you know, they whine and fight and cry and kick me off the bed like they did last night. Then they are just my kids – who are funny, smart, creative, winsome, beautiful, courageous, loving and adorable – but still the people who rule my life and whom I revolve my world around.

10. Disability

Going through the windshield of a car when I was 4 years old taught me that the world is not permanent and that our faces are simply facades. Growing up with that knowledge has served me well. Growing deaf, experiencing deafness and mental disabilities  has also taught me more than I thought possible. It’s provided me with an amazing foundation from which I can build my life. Down syndrome and Moxie is icing.

11. Money

I’ve been broke and I don’t care for the experience. I’m grateful we have enough.

12. Our Yurt

Round! Rough + Raw = Room to make beautiful!

13. Friends

The family I chose.

14. Family

The people who push me to grow. Whether or not I want to.

15. Sriracha

Everything tastes better

16. Kindle

Where you can download a book immediately!




Join me on Instagram for my Year of Gratitude – I’ll be trying to get in the habit of articulating all the happy. I’m @meriahnichols there – and if you are over there, please also join me for the 365 Days with Disability Project – the post about that is linked >HERE<

Happy 2016, and may we all remember the date!





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